Become a Volunteer


PLEASE NOTE: we can only accept applicants over the age of 16. By applying to become an Insomnia volunteer, you are confirming you are over 16 years of age.

PLEASE NOTE: we are no longer accepting applications for Exhibition Volunteers, tournament admins, technical support, or the stage crew. Please see below for the positions we still need volunteers for.

The biggest ever “UK’s Biggest Gaming Festival” is fast approaching, and in order to make it run as smoothly as possible we need your help.

Running an Insomnia event is no easy task, and our volunteers help make the event as amazing as it is. Whether it’s the event setup, networking, esports administration, content coverage, managing stands and more, our volunteers earn their ticket to the event by helping to support and cover key areas of the event.

The Insomnia Gaming Festival is a highly notable event in the gaming industry, and joining our volunteer team is a great way to gain direct and substantial events experience. Many of our own staff members started out as Insomnia volunteers, and volunteering at Insomnia can be a great way to contribute to your CV.

There are two main types of volunteer at the Insomnia Gaming Festival; exhibition volunteers, and event crew. As an exhibition volunteer you’d help out with our various content areas for two day shifts, getting the third event day off free. This is a great way to help us run our various content areas, whilst being able to enjoy the show with your time off. Event crew members mostly stay for the whole weekend, helping us to set up and pack down, whilst working as a part of one of our core teams including networking, stage production, content coverage, check-in assistance, esports tournament administration and more.

We’ve got a lot of volunteers already, but we are still looking for:

  • Reception & Check-in volunteers (White Shirts), to help us get people into the event, and give them the information they need.
  • Tournament Administration volunteers (Red Shirts), to help us run all our Esports Tournaments.
  • Content Team volunteers; photographers and cameramen to help us cover all the amazing things that happen.
If you have skills you feel would be beneficial but aren’t sure exactly what team you fit into, don’t worry! Tell us what you’re good at, and what sort of experience you want to gain, and we’ll help put you into a team that needs you most.