Insomnia Event Crew

Meet the Insomnia Event Crew!

Here at our Insomnia we have an amazing volunteer crew who help us to make the events happen. We are grateful for all of their support, many of whom take time out from their day to day jobs to come and help us make our events as awesome as they are.

Apply to join the Crew

Below are each of our teams at our insomnia events, and the role they each play in putting the Insomnia Festival together!

Minecraft Zone Team

The Minecraft Zone at Insomnia has a lot of elements that require supervision; queue management, the panel room, the meet and greets, and the Minecraft tournaments all require helpful hands to provide the best Minecraft-focused experience possible. A perfect role for parents of Minecraft-obsessed kids looking to help out at the event. See here for more information.

Exhibition Team

The Exhibition Hall at Insomnia has tons of activity areas where people can play games, enter free to play tournaments and more. Each of these areas requires help to setup and run correctly, keeping the Expo running as smoothly as possible throughout the event. See here for more information.

White Shirts

Our White Shirt team are those you’re likely to meet first at an event, and also those you’ll probably see most of during the event! They are responsible for checking everyone in at the start of the event, ensuring a smooth entry for you all into the event. They’re also responsible for staffing our Tuck Shop & raffle, and generally making sure the other teams are looked after.

Yellow Shirts

The Yellow Shirt team will be the first port of call should any of you have problems with our network or power at the events. They’re there to make sure you’re always able to stay connected on our network, and any of the general purpose tasks we have at our events.

Red Shirts

The Red Shirt team are responsible for managing our world class tournament at our events. These are the guys who make everything happen with regard to tournaments regarding scheduling of matches, rules, assisting any competitors etc.

Blue Shirts

These are the guys you hope you’ll never need to see; our networking team is responsible for maintaining the core internal network, fixing any networking problems on our side of the system, and otherwise keeping the event online and working correctly.

Content Team

The content team help cover the event in terms of visual and written content. The content team contains photographers, videographers, and writers, who together provide all of our Multiplay coverage of Insomnia events.

Stage Team

The stage team are usually found hiding in the broadcast booth, ensuring everything is running smoothly with the delivery of our live finals stage, from lighting, to sound, to broadcast, to editing and a bit of everything in between! They also ensure that all the players are present when required for their finals, and help us to produce top notch quality content from our Stage.

How to apply to become a Volunteer

The Event Crew is an amazing team to be a part of, with many of our full time staff starting off as an event volunteers. If you’d like to earn some real experience at our events whilst getting to enjoy the show during your downtime, you should apply to become a member of our events crew!