What is the Insomnia Gaming Festival?

This page is for people who are unfamiliar with the Insomnia Gaming Festival. If you already know what Insomnia is is and would like to know what’s happening at our next event then check out our What’s On page for a full list of currently announced activities.

Founded in 1999, for over 14 years the Insomnia Gaming Festival has been a place for gamers of all backgrounds to congregate, socialise, discover new things and ultimately just play.

The Insomnia Gaming Festival has had many homes in its lifetime, and the Ricoh Arena in Coventry, England seems like a perfect progression for us. It takes place from Friday to Monday, with EAS (Early Arrival Service) attendees being able to get here as early as Thursday! As for accomodation during the event, you can camp in our adjacent camping area, or stay in one of the many hotels we have subsidised throughout the weekend especially for guests.

Insomnia is a culmination of all of the best bits of videogaming. It combines a massive LAN, a growing exhibition, prize-based competitive gaming tournaments, and other interesting activities within the package of an inclusive, gaming-focused social atmosphere. At an Insomnia Gaming Festival we have a little something for everyone.



A cornerstone of the Insomnia experience is our massive record beating LAN.

A LAN is essentially a large network which you can plug your device of choice into, in order for low-latency near instantaneous gameplay with anybody else on the network.

With a BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer/Console) ticket, you can enjoy no lag games with thousands of friends and enemies alike in one of our huge hallowed gaming halls. Whilst the main focus of our gaming halls is PC, many individuals choose to bring along their favourite console to play other sorts of games… we even have a dedicated console area! With amenities such as food delivered straight to your desk, a BYOC ticket is all you need to start your full weekend of pure gaming madness.

Don’t worry about company; Although many attendees choose to arrive in groups, you wont be hard pushed to find fellow players of all your favourite games here at the venue, a process made even easier with our Insomnia Community Games schedule and forums.

Find out more about the LAN side of things over on our Community Forums!



Although we began as a large-scale LAN gathering, these days we have an equally popular exhibition hall!

With our summer event attracting a weekend footfall of over 25,000, and exhibitors of all types coming to show off their products, exhibit games, and provide activities for Insomnia ticket holders of all kinds. Be it a fun day out for the family, or a cool little break for the BYOC customer, our exhibition is a great way to try before you buy in a relaxed, activity-packed environment.

With booths from fan favourites and industry leaders alike, all you need to do to access our expo hall is purchase a visitor ticket… although we hope you’ll stay for the weekend to see what else we have in store.

Find out more about our currently listed exhibitors on our Exhibitors page!



Over the years Multiplay has been invested in helping to grow the competitive gaming or ‘eSports’ scene across the UK and beyond, and the Insomnia Gaming Festival is no exception.

Over the course of our events we’ve given away over half a million pounds in┬átournament prizes to some of the top teams and individual athletes from across the globe. With prize pool tournaments for all of the major games in modern eSports, Insomnia is a great place for competitive gamers to not only have a crack at earning their dues, but to have fun whilst doing it.

Find out how to get involved in eSports at Insomnia on our Tournaments page!



We don’t call it the Insomnia Gaming Festival for nothing! A huge part of our event is the production side of things; we have a full production team who build and maintain our awesome Insomnia stages!

Live on these stages you’ll find tournament finals, demos of upcoming games, social activities like the World Famous Pub Quiz, and at previous events we’ve had live music, live comedy, gameshows, presentations, question-and-answer sessions and more. With a large capacity and a packed schedule, the Insomnia Main Stage allows you to experience something more traditionally associated with other mediums and hobbies, but with a distinct hint of videogame flavour! Endless fun for the whole family.



Gaming is often seen as an isolating medium, and not a hobby that lends itself to socialising… but at Insomnia we aim to flip that stereotype on its head!

Through a combination of our LAN halls, stage events, expo hall and more, we create a social atmosphere like no other centred around the videogames that we all know and love. Insomnia provides limitless options for attendees who want to enjoy their time here talking to, laughing at, and being with each other.

What is the history of Insomnia, how did it all begin?

If you want to find out more about Insomnia and how it all began watch the video below where we travel back through 14 years of Insomnia Gaming Festivals with Craig, Geo, Shed, and Kharne as they talk about the history of the event, how we got to where we are now, and where we’re heading in the future.

Filmed and Edited by John Stewart – Vision Productions. www.vision-productions.co.uk

How Does It All Work Then?

The Insomnia Gaming Festival is run by a company called Multiplay; that’s us. We run three of these events a year, alongside third party events for other companies and organisations and online-based server sales. There are a lot of areas of our business, but we feel that Insomnia best represents a culmination of what we do: Networking, Hardware, Promotion, Events Management, Community-based Interaction, and most importantly of all… Fun. We enjoy helping you enjoy yourselves.


The Insomnia Gaming Festival works the way it does because of a core of ultimately focused and generally awesome staff members and volunteers. Our community is fantastic, and help support us by donating their time. If you’d like to earn yourself a ticket by helping us out, you should check out our Volunteering page.

If you’re interested in working for Multiplay, you should see if there are any current applications on our careers page. If you have any further questions or queries about the Insomnia Gaming Festival we urge you to ask ahead on our Forums where our dedicated community will be able to help you out, on our Insomnia Gaming Festival Facebook page, via our Multiplay Twitter account, or you can contact us more directly using our contact page. Any way we can help you get involved is good with us.