Cosplay Zone at Insomnia61

Costume and Play's themes for this event are 'Utopia and Dystopia', 'dreams' and more importantly achieving them. Here are the dreams we've achieved for this event; 

  • BOTH Masquerade's reclaim the Main Stage for the weekend; with a streamlined flexible costuming experience, giving you more opportunities to present your work to the judges that fits around your personal schedule.
  • Expanded zone areas that take you into an environment; while actively continuing to make cosplay accessible to any level or ability and provide a safe, friendly community space. (We've even got a smoke machine for your photo shoots, we've been wanting to use one for a while!)
  • A heavy focus on unique and different elements across the entire area; such as the ability to learn to sew and watching live costumes being made. New content even includes tailored sessions such as 'How to be a Princess for a Day.'

 Highlights to look out for;

The Insomnia Cosplay Championship (Saturday 2:30pm-3:30pm Main Stage)Costume and Play is proud to present the Insomnia Masquerade, If you have an amazing costume you've poured hours into, and now want to bring it to life on stage with a performance, then signing up to the Insomnia masquerade provides you with that opportunity! Afterall, what is costume without the play!

The Cosplay Community Masquerade (Sunday 2:30pm-3:30pm Main Stage) Honoring and welcoming all ability levels of cosplay, this is a great place to get started in the cosplay world or simply show off your creation. The Community Masquerade will carry a series of  categories the judges may choose to award you with. 

I've been part of the Insomnia Masquerade before, what's different this time?

Costume and Play has spent time completely streamlining the masquerade experience, presenting information in a clearer format while still granting you the flexibility to cosplay as you wish to. The application process has been simplified while still containing live costume presentation to the judges and portfolio showcasing. Don't be scared off by the word 'championship' – as you read through the rules you will realize the changes to the upgrade are so minor you won't even notice them!

 As always our aim is encouraging that amazing performing and costuming talent we've watched all of you achieve!

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