BYOC Tournaments at Insomnia60

As the ice turns to rain, and January becomes February, it’s time for us to talk about tournaments at Insomnia60. As you’ll see across the following seven days, we’re bringing back some LAN favourites for competition in 2017. Each weekday from now until the 8th of February, we’ll be announcing a BYOC tournament along with a prize pool & registration. Keep your eyes on our website & social media for more information.


Before Hype Week begins, we wanted to make sure we weren’t leading communities along, as such we have to announce that we are no longer supporting Dota 2 as a BYOC prize tournament at Insomnia. Interest in the game has been slowly dropping over the past few events, and is now at the point where we’re no longer able to justify supporting it as a prize tournament. For those of you attending who are still interested in playing Dota 2, there will be organised activity throughout the weekend, with game modes guided by what you want to play.
We’ll continue to keep monitoring the community and other events, with a view to bringing it back in the future if we see a positive growth in the competitive player base.


This doesn’t mean we’ll be running less prize tournament activity. We in the office have a few ideas on what we’d like to replace Dota 2 with, but we want to hear your feedback. Let us know what BYOC prize tournament you want to see at Insomnia60, via our Multiplay Esports Twitter. We’ll be making the final decision over the next two-three weeks, so let your voice be heard.


Over the next four weeks we’ll be finalising our Daily tournaments open to all Insomnia visitors, and our Community Competitions. To let us know what you’d like to compete in over the Easter bank holiday weekend, message us on Multiplay Esports Twitter or the Multiplay Esports Facebook page

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