Rainbow Six Siege Launch Announcement

The wait is over. We’ve tallied your votes and have a clear winner. Joining the BYOC prize tournament line-up is…


Rainbow Six: Siege will be our final BYOC tournament for Insomnia60! Full details & registration can be found at our Tournament Page, but here’s what you need to know to get excited.

Exclusively on PC, the tournament will run from Friday 14th April, to Sunday 16th April within the Insomnia Gaming Festival LAN. We’ll be putting up a prize pool of £1,500, and to take part you’ll need a BYOC ticket.

We aim to accommodate all skill levels by running a group stage from which teams are sorted into either a Pro or Intermediate Bracket so you can enjoy Rainbow Six Siege all weekend at a skill level that suits you.

You asked for it, and we’ve given it to you. This is currently planned as a one-off, but if we see strong participation rates there’s no reason that Rainbow Six can’t join us again in the future, bigger & better.

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