Minecraft Zone

Unofficial Minecraft Zone at Insomnia60


Want to meet and greet some of your favorite YouTubers at Insomnia60? Then make sure to head over to the Meet and Greet area within the Unofficial Minecraft Zone. With dedicated Minecraft YouTubers across all 4 days you will be able to get a photo, autograph and ask them just about anything! What are you waiting for?

Make sure to check back soon to see the Meet and Greet Schedule.


Featured in the heart of the Unofficial Minecraft Zone, we have a new stage, where you will be able to watch the latest in community content and some of your favorite YouTuber’s while you chill out in our Minecraft themed stage.

Do you just want to head to a place, chill and just play Minecraft on a PC/Console or even on your portable device? Then never fear, why not sit in our free-play area, catch up on your favorite maps and play with friends.


Are you feeling creative? Then this area in the Unofficial Minecraft zone is for you! You will be able to take part in our free-play build zones, build Steve, Alex and Enderdragon in our papercraft area, or even learn how to cosplay and become your very own Minecraft Character.  


Do you want the latest in Minecraft Merchandise? Then why not head to the Minecraft retail areas and take advantages of the unique range of merch from various vendors.  

Make sure to check back soon to see the range of merchandise and retailers that will be at Insomnia60.


Want to know more about how Minecraft can help you learn about the everyday world? Then make sure to head to our Education Zone in the Unofficial Minecraft zone and learn today!

Make sure to check back soon to see the range of activities that will be at Insomnia60.


After the recent success of her book Amy Lee and the Darkness Hex, AmyLee33 will be doing a book signing and a meet and greet with you guys. Make sure to check her book out here, you will also be able to buy the book from the event:

Make sure to check back soon to see the Meet and Greet Schedule.


Are you feeling competitive? Want to show your skills across various Minecraft mini games? Then make sure to check back soon, at Insomnia60 we host various tournaments for you to take part in and win prizes. This will be across various platforms so make sure to check back in the next couple of weeks to find out more!

Both Day Visitor and Weekend Festival tickets are available now Book Today!

Insomnia60 is set to feature the same great selection of activities and zones you’ve come to expect including huge LAN gaming areas, free-to-enter tournaments, Retro and Cosplay zones, a Tabletop Gaming Area, plus an exhibition hall packed with booths showcasing discounted products and upcoming games ready to try.

Additionally, our Indoor Camping option available for £32.50 for the whole weekend.


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