Call of Duty World League at Insomnia60

Today, Multiplay is incredibly excited to announce our inclusion as an official partner for the 2017 Call of Duty World League season!

Bringing some of the best Call of Duty players Europe has to offer together at the NEC over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, The CWL: Birmingham Open will form part of the official 2017 CWL season.

What can we win I hear you ask? Well, alongside competing with some of the best players and teams in Europe, there’s a massive $50,000 and 38,000 (That’s 38 THOUSAND) CWL points up for grabs at the event!

The CWL won’t be the only attraction that weekend, as you’ll be able to explore the entire Insomnia60 show. Through multiple halls of the NEC, Insomnia60 is shaping up to once again be a spectacular event as the UK’s biggest gaming festival. You can find out more about what’s coming to Insomnia60 right here!

Tickets for Insomnia60 and the CWL: Birmingham Open are on sale now,

We couldn’t be more thrilled to be part of the official 2017 CWL season and we hope you’re excited too! Make sure to follow all of our social media for updates and we’ll see you in April for the Birmingham Open!


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As we draw closer and closer to the Call of Duty World League at Insomnia60, we wanted to give you a quick and easy guide on the process of securing your tickets, and your spot in the event by registering your team!

Buying the Tickets

First things first, buying your tickets. Head over to the Insomnia Gaming Festival website and navigate to the ‘Buy Tickets’ section. From there, scroll and select the ‘Call of Duty World League at Insomnia60’ ticket (Note: This event is open to EU teams only).

After clicking through to our Ticket Factory page, you can choose either individual tickets or a full team ticket for the event, including tickets with BYOC as an option, where you can join the others in the LAN hall for a full weekend of gaming action. If you want to compete, but don’t have a full team, we have a dedicated Discord server for players to matchmake and find teams for the event. We have more info on that below.

Finding A Team

So you’ve bought your tickets, but what if you don’t have a team to compete with? Well, have no fear! We have set up a dedicated CWL Birmingham Open Discord server for all your matchmaking needs! Follow THIS link, and you’ll be able to find teammates, organise scrims and chat about the event. You’ll also be able to get in touch with the Multiplay/Insomnia staff if you have any issues.

Registering Your Roster

Got your ticket? Great, now you need to register your team for the event so we can seed you into the tournament. How do you register? Easy! Head to THIS Google Form and follow the form.

The form itself is broken into sections, and first up is your email entry. This is where you should add your main contact email for the event.

The next page is straightforward, where you enter team details including logo’s and managers/owners info etc. Below that is a section for providing your bank details, this is NOT compulsory and you don’t have to enter that information at this point, but should you win prizes at the tournament, it makes the process of sending you that much quicker!

Next is the team roster info, this section is where you submit your team players names and gamertags so we know who you all are when it comes to the event. If you’re a solo player, fill in the extra fields with N/A.

Finally, and this is the most important bit, is the ticket order number. This is so we know that you’ve registered and have purchased tickets, so we can seed you and your team into the event.


The Event

We’re super excited about having the Call of Duty World League at Insomnia60, and we hope you are too!

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