Cosplay Special Guests at Insomnia60


Ash is a cosplayer who has been attending conventions since 2008. She has worked with games companies, attending conventions both nationally and internationally creating costumes from video games and pop culture. In the past year she has began streaming her cosplay creation on Twitch showing the step-by-step process of cosplay building from scratch as well as streaming her gameplay.






Bandursnatch Studios are a friendly cosplay group that enjoy putting the play back into cosplay! They are best known for their in-character panels at conventions and on YouTube, but with a diverse range of skills and talents they also create a variety of tutorials, con vlogs and CMV's and are always willing to lend a hand to other cosplayers in need.




Kerry was introduced to cosplay in 2014 when she appeared on the reality TV show King of the Nerds. She has been addicted to cosplay ever since. She began making costumes in her garage and 3 years later she now makes props professionally. She attends conventions all across the globe and has judged international competitions. She recently finished her dream cosplay of Marauder Warwick (League of Legends) and Hopes to make even bigger costumes in the future.



Damian Hammond of Devil's Garden Cosplay and of SQUAD UK is a Cosplayer from Hertfordshire. He began Cosplaying in 2014 and since then has Displayed characters from Comics, Movies and Computer Games. These have included Vaas Montenegro from Far Cry 3, King Asgore from Undertale, The Undertaker WWE, "BEAST" from X-MEN and his most popular Cosplay - KILLER CROC from D.C. / Batman: Arkham Asylum games and Suicide Squad. Over the last 6 months Damian has appeared on The One Show on BBC1 as "BEAST" alongside James McAvoy and has been featured in 5 national UK Pop and Culture Magazines including being the "Cosplayer Of The Month" in Sci-Fi Now Magazine in January this year.



Jeni is a local cosplayer with 3 years experience creating costumes, drawing her inspiration from video games and pop culture, as well as creating original designs. Self taught seamstress and budding prop maker she can often be found live streaming on Twitch, with an aim to help others tackle the learning curve of cosplay. Jeni has a life long love for gaming and all things geek, and can be considered an Insomnia veteran, having been attending the events for over 11 years!



Dewnor is a cosplayer of almost 3 years who likes to be a bit of all all-rounder working with both fabrics and armor. She's most well known for her Princess and Magical Girl cosplays including her Disney twist of an Armored Ariel. Dewnor loces to perform and has entered lots of contests, even recently placing 1st in her Rapunzel! She's also had the honour of judging competitions and loves to meet new people and learn new crafts. Dewnor mostly just loves meeting others, sharing cosplay knowledge and expressing her many fandoms in costume!




Quill cosplay has been cosplaying for a number of years as anything from Master Chief to StarLord. His skills mainly lie in 3d printing props and armour but he dabbles in the odd bit of sewing and even fibreglassing pepakura. He prefers to cosplay with a helemet but dont let that put you off, he can talk for hours and enjoys showing people the technological side of cosplay!


Cosplayer down to the core, Silantre has been dedicated to making cosplays since 2005. She has proven her crafting skills with the creation of many different award winning costumes, ranging from armour to fursuits. She's a firm believer that anything drawn on paper can be made into a costume, whether it be from cardboard and duct tape or with the latest materials and gadgets!


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