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CubeCraft Games coming to Insomnia60

For the first time ever, CubeCraft Games will be bringing its popular Minecraft Minigames to Insomnia. At the show, you’ll be able to choose from EggWars, SkyWars, and Lucky Islands. Throughout the four days of i60 CubeCraft will also be live from their stand on Twitch  sharing the latest from the games happening on the show floor. 
In EggWars you’ll be tasked with protecting your life giving Egg as without it, you can’t respawn. Make use for the Villager Shop to buy protection and weapons to help you kill other players and their eggs.
SkyWars is a game about balancing offence with defence. Will you go out and seek other players on their islands or will you just cower in a corner hoping people forget about you? Whatever you do just make sure you’re the last one standing!
Feeling Lucky? Then Lucky Islands is the game for you! Break the Lucky Blocks and see what happens, sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not so good. Unlock Wands to help you to get a combative advantage or trigger the world event bringing the extra challenge of dealing with an Ender Dragon as well as the other players.
Whether you’re able to attend Insomnia in person or just plan on watching online CubeCraft is hoping to bring you an awesome experience!
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