LAN Hall Arena

Geo's Big Insomnia Community Raffle

The Insomnia Raffle was always a highlight of past events where people could risk it all for a chance to win a gaming PC or power supply but really end up walking away with a lanyard or just nothing, those good old days!
Well the raffle is back and better still its free! That's right, free!
How it will work - Every BYOC customer will be entered into the raffle with 1 chance of winning as standard. During insomnia60 there will be opportunities for you to increase your chances by taking part in community activities during the event.
  • Sign up for Game Reward or prove you are already a member and get an additional 2 chances...
  • Take part in the i-hunt and get an additional 1 chance...
  • Win one of the community games scheduled during the event and gain a chance for every win under your belt!
All opportunities for collecting extra chances will be posted online before the event. Get involved and win more!
When & Where - The raffle will be drawn on Sunday @ 6pm at the help desk and the top prizes will be given away there and then, we will continue the draw for the remaining prizes and post the information online soon after so if you win you can collect your prize before you leave.
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