Rock Zone

Rock Zone at Insomnia60

Live Station

Are you a singer, rapper, instrumentalist and want to say you have played at the NEC? Then why not head down to the Live Station Stage, book your 10 minute slot and show us what you’ve got! You can perform covers or your original content for everyone that will be in the Rock Zone. This is powered by Access to Music and Laney.

DJ Station

Do you think you have what it takes to spin your favorite records in front of a crowd? Always wanted to see if you’ve got the skills to move from bedroom DJ to mainstream DJ? Then why not head to the DJ Station? You can book your 10 minute slot and say you have DJed at the NEC. This is powered by DJ Tech Direct.

Loop Station

Want to know how to take your favorite samples and tune them into number 1 hits? Then why not head to our Production Zone, where you can learn from some of the industry’s leading producers, to create beats, bass lines and see how tracks are created from the ground up. This is powered by Focusrite and Novation.

Jam Station

Want to Jam but didn’t bring your instrument to a gaming festival? Then come on down to Jam Station. While there you can grab an instrument or a mic and instantly jam along using our silent headphone-linked Jam Hubs. This is powered by Ibanez.  

Silent Band Feature

Everyone loves silent discos, and you’ll love our Silent Band. Not sure how a silent band works? You and your friends will be able to see a band perform live at the NEC, all while hearing it through a headset. It’s an experience like no other.

Drum Zone

Want to try some of the latest electronic drum kits? Then the Drum Zone is just your thing. Plug your headphones in and play along with a selection of backing tracks and show us what you got.

Production Zone

No matter what music you create, you always want to know the latest tips and tricks of how to get the cleanest kick or the tightest snare drum. So why not roll up to the Production Zone where you can find groundbreaking recording and production techniques and can even use some of the latest gear.  

Guitar Zone

Want to come and try some of the latest Amps and equipment for your Guitar? Then the Guitar Zone is your new home. Plug in and try some of the leading guitar brands with expert tuition on-hand to help you sound more Hendrix than horrible.

Focusrite coming to Insomnia60

Are you due an upgrade with your equipment? Then head over to the Focusrite booth in the Rock Zone and see the new range of gear that they have available. You can try all the latest equipment and see how this integrates into your live streaming setup.

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