LAN Hall Arena

Social Games Area

We are pleased to announce the creation of the Social Games Area in partnership with Games Quest and Big Orbit as part of the BYOC hall at Insomnia60!
The area will include comfy sofa's and lighting for you to relax with your friends and play board games when you want a break from the computer screen.
A catalog of tabletop games, courtesy of Games Quest,  will be available for you to use during the event, 24/7.
Big Orbit will also be running Magic the Gathering Drafts, twice daily from Friday to Sunday at 10am and 2pm, signup at the help desk with our friendly community admin team. Entry will cost £10, more information will follow closer to the event but please register your interest on the forums.
This area also have the ability to transform in the evenings to allow space for games like Werewolves after 7pm.
That is not all, we will also be running a small selection of Turn up & play PCs in this area which will allow BYOC guests to play with their friends at LAN. Time slots will cost £5 per hour and can be booked at the Tuck shop between 10am and 6pm, Friday to Sunday. Availability will be limited so book early to avoid disappointment.
This area will only be available to BYOC & BYOC guests at the event and is located next to the help desk in the BYOC hall.
See you all there for Werewolves fun! 
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