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Tetra at Insomnia60

Ocean Spark Studios is a small studio comprised of 4 students. With the aims of creating the next big fantasy RPG, they are looking to build a community of MMO and RPG enthusiasts. Working as hard

as possible, the team are working on their first title 'Tetra, Elemental Awakening'.

The game is a wave clearing, elemental RPG where you control 4 Guardians each with their own visual and elemental style. Tactically switch between heroes to combine skills to take down the biggest enemies in the game. Defend environments from destruction and unlock quests to gear up and gain the strongest team.

The future has lots in store. Support the studio by visiting their website and keeping updated on all the latest news. Be part of the community and help be a part of the creation of Tetra.

We'll see you soon Guardian.

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