The Cosplay Zone Area at Insomnia60

We'll be taking you to a replica town centre inspired from games such as 'Skyrim' and 'Dragon age'. Cosplays from all genres manga, tv, anime, comics etc are all welcome and encouraged!

The cosplay zone area enables anyone of any ability level to interact directly with each element that makes up cosplay. This includes props, sewing, performance, digital cosplay, photography and much more.

This time we want to showcase the power of cosplay collaboration and showcase;

Cosplay Live (The interactive Cosplay experience)

Focusing on community and performance, cosplay live will allow you to peak behind the curtain and follow the work that goes into cosplaying behind the scenes. Offering live demonstrations like 'Cosplay with us – putting on your makeup' to a live cosplay experience where you can join one of our two factions, get dressed up and experience performing!

The Armory

The Armory has brought together a showcase of props and demonstrations offering chainmail making and natural material working you can enjoy while sat next to our lovely forge!  

The Design Zone

Focusing on inspiration we will be showcasing digital techniques ranging from 3D printing, airbrushing and embroidery. You will also have the opportunity to create your own costume digitally at our VIVE experience.

Masquerade Zone

Placed next to our vive and workshops area, here you will be able to sign up to our masquerade's, view the activities taking place and mend your costume all in one place!

Workshops and Demonstrations

catch our series of cosplay panels, this year we have focused on diversity offering live in character panels to mental health in cosplay there will be something here you will want to catch! Scheduled activities will be released on our timetable.

The Marketplace will feature;

Cosplay Accessories, Wigs and Jewellery Zone

Showcasing a series of cosplay accessories and wig styling advice, if you would like to learn more about detailing your costume pieces you can do here!

Props Zone

Our props zone will feature a collection of props extending from the armory and makers on hand for advice and running workshops across the three days!

Sewing Zone

We're extending our sewing zone to offer more creators and fabrications this time with hands on advice on a variety of techniques.

Cosplay Guests

A series of incredibly talented cosplay guests will be on hard ranging from seamstress's to prop makers, you will also be able to pick up signed prints from your favorite guests.


Our beautiful sakura tree will be making a return as the centre piece to our lovely market, offering log cushion seating and amazing themed photo opportunities within the marketplace itself.

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