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ToonTown is coming to Insomnia60

Project Altis is a fanmade remake of a childhood game we all know and love. In a world growing ever more serious, take a stand against the Cogs by making them laugh! Grab some friends, grab some pies and take battle!

The new Boardbots have started to build their own headquaters, so get your laff up and reclaim our town! Project Altis is currently in Alpha and will be going into its beta stages as of May 2017, so Insomnia 60 is the perfect chance to preview all the new content and features our beta will offer!

New Playgrounds, New Cogs, New HQ's, New Tasks, New Music, New Textures, Android & iOS Support, VR Support, Content Packs, and so much more! Plus an exclusive chance to meet the team behind the game!

So come on down to i60 and get your toon on!

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