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UK Masters Season 3 Coming in 2017

Following the success of the first two seasons, Multiplay Esports are incredibly proud and excited to present Season 3 of the UK Masters.

One of the key ideas for the UK Masters was to help nurture teams and players in the scene, and to provide a stable, professional platform for teams to compete. Season 3 will build on that, providing another opportunity for teams and players to compete with some of the top talent in the UK scenes.

We have plenty more information to share with you about the UK Masters in the coming days and weeks, and we’re confident that this season of the UK Masters will be the biggest and best yet!

Can you sum up esports in 140 characters and want to join the UK Masters team? We’re going to be looking for volunteers to cover the tournament on social media and join us for the grand finals at Insomnia60!  Make sure to check back in the new year as we have more information coming your way.

Be sure to keep up to date on all the news from the UK Masters by following us on our Twitter and Facebook pages, alongside our Website.

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