Huge Shootmania Elite tournament at Insomnia46!

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Shootmania Storm at Insomnia46

Have you tried ShootMania yet? Its currently in beta but already it has a huge following! Fast action shooter gameplay, coupled with incredible mod support, and tailor made for competitions, this tournament is just the first of many at Insomnia events for this unreleased game!

Check out the ShootMania Storm Official Trailer

Beta Keys for All!

Everyone that signs up as a BYOC attendee will receive a beta key, so they can take part in the tournament and the other ShootMania activities throughout the weekend! Get early access to an unreleased game, without having to pay! These will be available just before the start of the event. Want to start training right away? You can get instant access to the full game in beta by pre-ordering the game on the official website. There are 3-players and 5-players bundles available for teams too!

3v3 “Elite” Mode Tournament!

Enter our epic 3v3 elite tournament to win prizes! This game has not even been released yet, so everyone should have a chance, with enough natural skill, teams have not had the extra practise time and even the pro teams will have to fight for higher places.

The tournament format is 3v3 Elite. This means you take turns to defend as a team of 3, or attack as a solo player. The solo player does have one advantage – they have a much more powerful weapon, which kills instantly, and can take 2 hits before they are hit a third time and are eliminated. Take out all 3 of the opponents and become the hero of your team!

There will be prize money for this tournament, more information to be released soon about just how much! Sign up now over on the ShootMania Elite tournament page!

Public Servers!

If you want to practise, or just want to see what the fuss is all about, Multiplay will be hosting some local LAN servers for you to hone your skills on, or just have a great time shooting everyone else in the building from afar! We will have a range of game modes available so you can find your favourite and make full use of the 100+ hours of gaming time you get with your full BYOC pass!

Epic Battles!

Not just satisfied with a huge tournament, beta keys for everyone and a range of public servers, we are having 2 EPIC BATTLES – one on Saturday and one on Sunday! We will be setting up some of the biggest servers available in ShootMania, and opening them up for everyone to dive in, and fight their way to the top, in a frantic free for all death-match, in the “Royal” game mode. The highest scorer will get a prize each day!

ShootMania – Free to Play all weekend

Not bringing your PC? Well then how about you visit our open play area in the exhibition hall and try your hand at ShootMania there? Bring your friends and have a battle on this awesome shooter!

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