insomnia46 – Classic Mixup win the TF2 Tournament!

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A big congratulations to Classic Mixup for winning the TF2 tournament!

This final saw both teams (Classic Mixup and Leviathan Gaming) fly from America and this wouldn’t be possible without the outstanding TF2 community. This is the first time in iseries history that we have had any TF2 teams from outside of Europe and we are very happy that they could take part.

Both teams prior to the final won all of their matches, with Classic Mixup and Leviathan Gaming meeting in the Double Elims Upper Final where Classic Mixup won 2-0. Whilst Classic Mixup were favourites to win, both teams pulled off an outstanding performance resulting in the game going into three maps (cp_gravelpit, cp_gullywash and cp_badlands). Leviathan Gaming had a very good defense throughout the three maps and it really could have been anyone’s game. At times, Classic Mixup would wipe out LG’s team causing some very early and quick caps. Leviathan Gaming didn’t so much hesitate as they held a very strong side throughout the game.

Classic Mixup take home £2,500 and Leviathan Gaming take £1,000. Well done to all players who took part and hopefully we will have a bigger TF2 tournament at the next few events!

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  1. [BoneS] says:

    Can we expect a VOD for the whole final at some point in the future? 🙂

    awesome final btw

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