First 5 Headline Tournaments Announced for Insomnia48! £21,500+ in Prizes!

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Before you all go off to the holiday season (and eat drink, be merry and practise SC2 of course), we thought we would give you some food for thought from the Multiplay eSports department!

2013 is going to be amazing, with some of the biggest eSports tournaments in the UK ever! Insomnia48 will host loads of awesome tournaments as usual, but we wanted to introduce you to 5 of the biggest!

The ESET UK Masters – £10,000

The hottest tournament series to ever hit Starcraft 2 in the UK – the ESET UK masters will be at Insomnia48 with a BLOOMIN’ HUGE prize pool of £10,000! With qualifiers in the new year starting in January, and a BYOC qualifier on the first day of the event. Expect some news soon about whether this will be based in Wings of Liberty, or Heart of the Swarm, but either way it will be AMAZING! Thanks ESET UK!

Counter Strike: Global Offensive – £4,000+

If anyone can remember an Insomnia without Counter Strike in some form then they should probably be awarded something. After fm-eSports TOXIC took the gold in Insomnia47’s CS:GO launch tournament, we are back with another huge tournament with prize money that can scale up to a incredible £10,000!

(Xbox360) Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – £4,000+

The Console community at Insomnia just keeps on growing! And with it, the prize pools for the Call of Duty tournaments on Xbox360. This spring has us hosting our Black Ops 2 tournament with a prize pool of up to £7,680!

There are some important changes about how players attend. Every match will take place on our TUP stations, with players needing to bring their own discs. Players no longer need to be a resident with their own console and screen. This will improve the excitement levels of the matches as all teams will play opposite each other in head to head matches!

League of Legends – £2,500+

League of Legends is going from strength to strength, with our LoL community getting larger and larger every event, this event we return with a whopping £2,500 prize pool, thats £1,000 more then i47.

(Xbox360) FIFA13 1v1 – £1,000+

FIFA13 is probably one of the most played games in the UK, and everyone knows somebody that thinks they could take on the world. Now here is your chance to prove you are the best with a prize pool that could possibly hit £2,000 with the 64 player cap! It’s not every day you can win that sort of money playing FIFA.

Get involved!

If you like the sound of one of these tournaments next year, then make sure you take advantage of our Early Bird offer (20% off for BYOC attendees!) by visiting the i48 tickets page and buying yours now! Black Ops 2 and FIFA13 are playable on a BYOC ticket, but only require at least a TUP (Turn up and play) ticket to take part. Sign ups will open in the new year, so keep an eye out for that!

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