WE WANT YOU to play tabletop games…

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This Spring we will be debuting our very first dedicated tabletop area for the community to bring, setup and play their own tabletop games.
We have neglected you dear tabletop gamer, but not for long. Call in your D&D players your snakes and ladders fiends, your dice rollers and your board folders… your poker players, your “Guess Who” fanatics, your Zombicide gamers, your Monopoly fighters and your Settlers of Catan.

We have room for you. That’s right. There is room for your small houses, there is room for your Mousetrap. We won’t even make you play mousetrap. You can literally spend time making the trap and then set it up to fall….

Want to play Warhammer the whole time? That’s okay too. Let us know what size table you need. We will shuffle on over the scrabble mafia for you.

Want to go retro? Raid your kids rooms, find that game of ‘mystery date’. Want to play operation? We can make that happen.

Always wanted to play that drinking board game but never had the time? Want to play ‘Drunken Hungry Hungry Hippos’? We will not judge you.

Do you know you can play these at iSeries?

All jokes aside, bring all the modern tabletop games you want, and bring your friends and spend as much time as you want in the tabletop gaming room, this quiet space will be a haven for all dice-rollers.

So what are you waiting for? Dust off those games, make sure you packed the joker and get your friends to Insomnia – The TRUE festival of GAMING.


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  1. evilguy13 says:

    well i’m gonna need a bigger case, gonna be bringing; poker, cards against humanity, gloom, munchkin, starflux, zombie dice and twister

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