Paradox Interactive at Insomnia49: Brace yourselves, Vikings are coming!

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War of the Vikings facebook banner

We are extremely excited to announce that in collaboration with Paradox interactive, Insomnia49 will host the first UK public showing of their latest title War of the Vikings. We have worked with Paradox in the past to bring flagship titles such as War of the Roses to gamers via our online services and solutions, and now we’re really happy to be able to provide a showcase for this particular upcoming title at the UK’s biggest gaming festival.

War of the Vikings is a multiplayer close-quarters combat simulator set during the Viking Age in a Saxon controlled England. Featuring intense close-quarters combat, authentic settings and weaponry, rich levels of customisation, large-scale 64-player battle, and stunningly beautiful bears, War of the Vikings will continue Paradox’s trend of publishing really interesting and engaging combat-orientated period pieces.

Representatives of Paradox will be showing the game live on stage at Insomnia49. We also have 3000 early access alpha keys to give away for the game during the event. It’s a great time to be a Viking fan!

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