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Byoc Loyalty

How it works

Your loyalty ranking (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond) increases when you attend a certain amount of qualifying events, if you are unable to attend an event your loyalty level is held at your current level for 1 calendar year (this is known as the loyalty freeze period). If you don’t attend the next valid event after the 1 year freeze period elapses then your loyalty level will degrade, 1 level for every qualifying event missed. The programme is designed to reward our most loyal BYOC attendees.

Put simply:

One level is added to your loyalty for each BYOC you attend.

One level is subtracted from your loyalty for each BYOC you don’t attend after a one-year loyalty freeze period.

Loyalty Freeze Period

Sometimes life, uh, finds a way. A way to stop us from going to events we love. So if you can’t make it to the very next event, don’t panic! Your loyalty level is frozen for a calendar year so you won’t lose loyalty levels until after that period is up. Once that period is up, your loyalty rank will decrease by 1 for every event not attended.

Levels, Ranks and Discounts

BYOC Loyalty is set into 4 ranks spread over 10 levels

1 event attended = 1 Level

1 event missed one calendar year after last event attended = -1 Level

Example: A customer who has attended 4 events and bought tickets to their 5th will become a Gold customer but will not be able to use the benefits of a Gold discount until they come to book their 6th event.

Discounts apply to BYOC Standard, BYOC Priority & BYOC VIP tickets only. Your loyalty discount is a personal discount attached to your email and is restricted to only your singular ticket per event only.

Loyalty discounts do not apply when using any other form of a discount on your ticket purchase and are valid for full-price tickets only.

Qualifying events

Loyalty can be accrued from attending as a BYOC customer at an Insomnia Gaming Festival or an Insomnia LAN event (Small Local LANs, a.k.a StratLAN, do not count towards this programme at this time)

After each qualifying event, each customer’s loyalty will be updated on their account.

How to claim

Using our ticket provider, when you purchase your tickets you will be asked to provide an email address. As long as you provide the same email address you used to book previous Insomnia BYOC tickets, your discount will be automatically applied.


My loyalty discount isn’t applying/is incorrect

Email [email protected] and we can look into this for you

I have to cat-sit for my nans brothers uncle’s pigeon that weekend. What will happen to my loyalty level?

If you can’t make it to the next show, don’t worry. Your loyalty level will remain fixed for a calendar year since the last show you attended. Just in case you wanted to attend, but couldn’t.

I’m attending my 5th event in a row. That makes me Gold rank right? Why am I still only seeing a Silver level discount?

Your rank is applied when you attend the event, not at ticket purchase. So purchasing your 5th ticket will still give you a Silver rank discount but after attending that 5th show, your discount will level up to Gold for the 6th.

I attended 5 Insomnias and 3 Stratlans in a row. Does that make my loyalty level Diamond?

Unfortunately, our Stratlan events are not included in the BYOC loyalty programme. Your current loyalty level is calculated on Insomnia Gaming Festivals (as a BYOC customer) and Insomnia LAN’s attended. In this example, the loyalty rank would be Gold (level 5)

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