iGFest | The UK's Biggest Gaming Festival


The UK's biggest LAN party!

The BYOC is the UK’s biggest gaming LAN party running for over 20 years.

Compete in Esports tournaments, participate in multiplayer battles, enjoy our array of evening entertainment or just relax in our social gaming areas. Whatever you decide to do we can assure weekend of action packed gaming fun! No PC? No problem! Our on site rentals team will kit you out with the latest tech to ensure you’re not left at a disadvantage*

*Additional charges for rentals apply


Click the link above to access the Discord server. Once in, head over to the #role-select and #game-select channels to decide how you want to get involved.

To make your selection, react to the post in those channels with the appropriate emoji (you can also click on the emoji you want to react with if you see what you’re after!)

Once you’ve made your selections, the games you have chosen will appear in the channel list. Now you’re ready to get chatting and playing!

24-Hour Challenges

Take part in our 24-hour game challenges and earn more community raffle tickets. The challenges are tailored to each game, whether it reaches and defeating the ender dragon in Minecraft, or launch a rocket in Factorio if you complete the challenge on one of our official servers then you get more chances to win!

Community Raffle

All BYOC tickets include entry into the raffle and participation in BYOC activities increase your chance of winning!

BYOC Tuck Shop

All your gamer fuel in once place! Snacks, sweets and drinks to keep you going for a full weekend of non-stop gaming!

Community Activities

Jump on and play with & against the community, we schedule 4 games per day spaced 3 hours apart starting from 10am. Games are announced before the event to give you plenty of time to get and install them. From Overwatch to Golf With Your Friends we will have something for you to get involved with!

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