Insomnia Gaming Festival | A Celebration Of Gaming


The UK's biggest LAN party!

The BYOC is the UK’s biggest gaming LAN party running for over 20 years.

Compete in Esports tournaments, participate in multiplayer battles, enjoy our array of evening entertainment or just relax in our social gaming areas. Whatever you decide to do we can assure weekend of action packed gaming fun! No PC? No problem! Our on site rentals team will kit you out with the latest tech to ensure you’re not left at a disadvantage*

*Additional charges for rentals apply


Click the link above to access the Discord server. Once in, head over to the #role-select and #game-select channels to decide how you want to get involved.

To make your selection, react to the post in those channels with the appropriate emoji (you can also click on the emoji you want to react with if you see what you’re after!)

Once you’ve made your selections, the games you have chosen will appear in the channel list. Now you’re ready to get chatting and playing!

Social Games Area

Come and test your tabletop skills against others in the BYOC social games area! Returning sponsor Games Quest will be providing an insane library of card and board games for the BYOC community to choose from. So get your Catan on and magic your gather at the BYOC social games area sponsored by Games Quest.

We have 2 GMs from Games Quest who will be running dedicated RPG games in the BYOC social games area from Friday, including great titles like Star Wars, D&D, Dishonoured and more.

To book your space just head over to the BYOC helpdesk during the event.

FridayStart timeOption 1Option 2
 12:00Star WarsDungeons and Dragons
 15:00Dungeons and DragonsAlien RPG
 18:00Warhammer Fantasy RoleplayDungeons and Dragons
SaturdayStart timeOption 1Option 2
 13:00Dungeons and DragonsDishonored
 16:00Cyberpunk RedDungeons and Dragons
 19:00Dungeons and DragonsVaesen
SundayStart timeOption 1Option 2
 13:00Wrath and GloryDungeons and Dragons
 16:00Dungeons and DragonsCall of Cthulhu
 19:00DuneDungeons and Dragons

Free-2-Play Zone

A dedicated free to play area with high end gaming PCs, The latest gen consoles for the BYOC community to get their hands on! With the latest games ready to play if you want to try a new platform or just fancy taking your clan mates on fighting games we will have something for everyone! No booking required, if you see a free space just jump on!

VR Zone

Dedicated VR stations available only to the BYOC community, book in your time slot at the BYOC helpdesk as soon as the show opens. Have your turn swinging lightsabers at coloured blocks to the sweet sounds of Green Day’s Amercian Idiot in Beat Saber or choose from our list of available titles so you can experience virtual reality without having to stand in a queue!


We filled an area with beanbags and social party games just for you! Take some time away from fragging noobs and raiding bosses to play some Jackbox TV or Quiplash in the BYOC chillzone!

Game Servers

Why not jump onto our dedicated insomnia game servers for MineCraft and Factorio, group up with the community to fight swarms of aliens or to battle in the Nether! Servers will be live and playable before and after the event so why not get your gaming started early!!


You and your team of 4 will race against others to see who can be crowned the winner in the i-hunt! Get ready to test your problem solving and detective skills as you solve puzzles and riddles during i68! The i-hunt starts Friday 15th April so make sure you and your team are ready.


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