Insomnia65 | The UK's Biggest Gaming Festival

What to expect at the UK's biggest LAN party!

The BYOC is the UK’s biggest gaming LAN party running for over 20 years.

Compete in Esports tournaments, participate in multiplayer battles, enjoy our array of evening entertainment or just relax in our social gaming areas. Whatever you decide to do we can assure weekend of action packed gaming fun! No PC? No problem! Our on site rentals team will kit you out with the latest tech to ensure you’re not left at a disadvantage*

So what are you waiting for! Get your ticket today!​

*Additional charges for rentals apply

Community Activities

Jump on and play with & against the community, we schedule 4 games per day spaced 3 hours apart starting from 10am. Games are announced before the event to give you plenty of time to get and install them. From Overwatch to Golf With Your Friends we will have something for you to get involved with!

BYOC Tuck Shop

All your gamer fuel in once place! Snacks, sweets and drinks to keep you going for a full weekend of non-stop gaming!

Community Raffle

Brought to you by Belong Gaming Arenas, a £1200 gaming rig up for grabs! All BYOC tickets include entry into the raffle and participation in BYOC activities increase your chance of walking away with a sexy new rig.

24 Hour Challenges

Take part in our 24 hour game challenges and earn more community raffle tickets. The challenges are tailor to each game, whether it be reach and defeat the ender dragon in MineCraft, or launch a rocket in factorio if you complete the challenge on one of our official servers then you get more chances to win!

We need a forensic team right away to solve a murder most foul! If you’ve got a brain for solving puzzles, join the iHunt for CSI: Clue Seekers Insomnia at www.theihunt.uk. Win raffle tickets as you get closer to the perpetrator. Catch them fast enough and win four discount codes for i66!

The iHunt is a team-based puzzle-solving challenge that will pit you against fellow gamers in a competition to solve puzzles at your computer and around the venue. See the website for more information and add yourself to the #ihunt channel on discord. Good luck, investigators!

Magic the Gathering, Booster Draft:

New to Magic the Gathering? Magic is a strategy card game in which you play the role of a powerful planeswalker,battling your opponent’s using an individual deck of cards that represents all the weapons in your arsenal. It contains spells you can sling to hinder or harm your opponent, and the creatures you can summon, as you fight for victory. In a draft you create this deck as part of the game, from a selection of semi-randomised cards, before the head to head battles begin.

Drafting is a great entry into this widely popular and enjoyable game. Learn everything you need to know when you sit down at the table from our resident MTG Expert who is on hand to guide you through drafting, deck construction and play. Once the games are over, the deck you create is yours! So you have everything you need to continue to playing. 

£10 entry.

Mini Masters – Iconic Masters

Sometimes, you just want to play Magic. You don’t want to worry about deck construction, mana curve, or synergy. You just want to grab some cards, jam in some land, and get playing….

Welcome to Mini Masters, which turns opening a booster pack into a hilarious mini game. You simple shuffle 3 land of each colour to a booster pack without looking at the contents and start playing. Win the round, crack another pack and shuffle that in for your next game. How far do you think you can go?

£12 entry, 4 pack limit.

EDH: Competitive Commander

Over the last few shows we have heard the requests for a supported Commander event. Well bring your decks! Because we will be trialling points based EDH games with the view of setting up a full league in the future. In these games it not just about being the last one standing, it’s how you play the game that matters. Before you start your group will select a number of scenarios to award points, such as; Eliminate a player with their own card (1 point), Equip a creature with 4 or more attachments (1 point), or Prevent 10 or more damage that would be dealt to an opponent (1 point). As well as cards that penalise players for making the game less enjoyable for everyone else; Take more than 2 turns in a row (-1 for each additional turn), Restart the Game or start a sub-game (-1 point).

£4 entry provides prize support.

RPG Gaming

Get involved in RPG gaming at Insomnia! If you have a valid BYOC or BYOC guest wristband head to the BYOC Helpdesk and sign up for an available time slot!

Dungeons and Dragons 5e

Humblewood – Adorable heroes of the forest band together to save lives from a deadly forest fire that proves more deadly than any natural blaze.

Pugmire – A loyal pack of canine knights liberate a port city from a gang of cats from beyond the sea.

AEtherstone– You are the crew of the AEtherstone powered skyship “The Jaunty Wench” which your captain lost in a high stakes gambling game…Go and “liberate” back your ship and escape the floating island you’re trapped on.

Rats in the Walls– The bad guys won. You are one of the few heroes left in a world conquered by The Liche and you’ll try and struggle to do some good before the light of hope is finally snuffed out by freeing innocent prisoners from one of the Liche’s labs.

The Sepulture Tower– Venture into the Sepulture Tower seeking a well that can supposedly answer any question asked of it. This will be the last chance to play this adventure before it is retired from rotation at Insomnia so don’t miss your chance.


Planeshift: Amonkhet– Players are a crop of warriors overcoming the trial of strength, racing to stand before Rhonas against other contenders, as terrible monsters try to run them down.

Planeshift: Phyrexia– Players are a united force of the Machine Orthodoxy hunting down a band of insurrectionist elves in the Tangle who resist the glory of Completion.

Planeshift: Zendikar– Players are a band of hunters travelling through the deadly Zendikar landscape, seeking an Eldrazi monster that sews corruption in its wake.

Planeshift: Ravnica– You were promised a big score if you finished the job, what you got was a bag full of Ohrzov gold and a team of Izzet assassin weirds on your tail. Your only hope is getting to the bottom of where this gold came from and why the Izzet want it back.

Planeshift: Ulgrotha – Baron Sengir has gone, Yawgmoth has gone, and their corruption still remains. Rumours abound that there’s a way out though, hidden deep within Castle Sengir. Even death would be better than living in this rotting plane.

Planeshift: Rath– Used as a weapon to attempt to destroy Phyrexia, created as a staging area for the worst abominations Yawgmoth could dream up, and discarded by Urza to save his own hide. But you are a proud child of Rath determined to do what is right and ensure your people’s future.

Other RPGs


In a post Bee-Movie world, bears have resorted to organised crime to get the heavily guarded and regulated honey.

Call of Cthulhu 1920’s

A party of affluent new-money sorts indulge in a steamboat journey along the southern Mississippi, where there are no waterfalls… none.

Era: The Consortium

A mercenary company are hired to check in on a small cybernetics company who are late on shipments, and are not answering calls or emails.

Jason Statham’s Big Vacation

Keep the Stathe safe as he visits Hong Kong and sees the sights. Watch out though the deranged Westly Snipe the sniper will be sure to try and wreck his fun.

Cyberpunk RED

There are 2 chances to play the upcoming version of the popular RPG series set in the same universe as the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077. High Tech and Low Life collide in the Jumpstart kit.

Huge thank you to our BYOC sponsors!

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