If you create your own assets using elements from this brand pack and are unsure if your creations adhere to brand guidelines, please email [email protected] for approval. Estimated response in 1-2 working days.

What is included?


Simple rules around the name of the event and the ways to refer to it. Some frequently made errors:

  • i## not I## (No capital)
  • Insomnia## not Insomnia ## (No space)


If you are looking to include some wording to describe the event, included in the pack is the boilerplate copy for Insomnia Gaming Festival.


To give you more creative freedom, included in the pack are some graphic elements and backgrounds for you to create your own assets.


Also included are some variations on the current event Key Art. You are free to use this wherever you feel it is most appropriate.



Ensure that whenever the Insomnia Gaming Festival logo is used there is a clearance space around it equal in size to the main hexagon.


Rotate or askew the logo


Stretch, shrink or warp the logo’s aspect ratio


Use colours that aren’t part of the Insomnia Gaming Festival brand guidelines


Use outdated or old logos


Use dark logos on dark images (or light logos on light


Use a border/stroke to seperate the logo from a


Included in the pack is a set of pre-approved imagery. These images have been selected to represent Insomnia Gaming Festival and may be used in any appropriate circumstance with the following guidelines:


Use the full image including the logo watermark.


Use exaggerated cropping. If the situation requires the subtle cropping of an image please attempt to keep subjects central to the photograph and the watermark clearly visible.

BYOC Day Tickets



Picture this; You’ve heard about Insomnia Gaming Festival and the UK’s Biggest LAN Party and you think it could be something you really enjoy attending… But you don’t really want to drag your epic gaming rig all the way to Birmingham or commit the ticket cost to go for the entire weekend when you don’t know exactly what the BYOC at Insomnia entails. Well, that’s where BYOC day tickets are your solution! 

Get a taste of what our LAN Party has to offer and sample the atmosphere, the community and most importantly, the communal gaming that you won’t get anywhere other than at Insomnia Gaming Festival.

Not sure what the UK’s biggest LAN has to offer? Or what BYOC even stands for?! Well good news, you can find out everything you need to know right here.

What’s Included:

  • Access to the BYOC Hall 10:00 – 22:00*
  • Access to the Insomnia Expo 10:00 – 18:00
  • Your own desk in the BYOC
  • Exclusive BYOC discount for The Dark Room

What’s Not Included:

  • BYOC Open Tournament participation

  • BYOC Intermediate tournament participation

  • i-Hunt (weekend scavenger hunt)

*Please be aware, areas of the BYOC that require a slot booking such as VR are only available for the day that you at the event

Volunteer FAQ


Photo ID to confirm your check in with your volunteer ticket

Indoor camping; bring your own tent, bedding/sleeping bag and air/camp bed

Catering; breakfast is provided in the Breakout Room and you will be given food vouchers for on shift meals (two meals a day maximum); feel free to bring your own snacks for when you get peckish!

Main site check-in 

When you arrive at the venue please head to the Volunteer Office (Hall 5.1). Check-in is open 16:00-22:00 on Wednesday first build day (if your shift starts earlier, your Team Leader will let you know what to do!), 07:30-22:00 on Thursday second build day, 07:30-10:00 on Friday – Sunday (if you have any requests / arrive outside of these times, please contact your Team Leader) and 16:00-20:00, Monday evening break down. 

The volunteer campsite does not open until Wednesday at 4pm, so please make sure to make your own arrangements if you arrive prior to that time. Always ensure that your arrival at the venue has been agreed by your team lead. 

In the office: 

  • You will register your arrival with the Volunteer Team 
  • You will need a photo ID for checking-in 
  • You will receive the following:
    •  Build & Break wristband – your security access on build & break days
    • Volunteer wristband – your security access on live days
    • Parking permit – if requested during sign up
    • Food vouchers for the duration of the event

Please attend all your shifts and look after your vouchers, as P1E WILL NOT be able to replace any misplaced food vouchers. 

● You will collect your volunteer T-shirts to wear on shift only

Your Team Leader will provide all the information needed for your position, before or during site, depending on the role requirements. If you have any queries that are not addressed by your Team Leader, please talk to the Volunteer Manager on site.

There will be a rota for each area of the show, which will be explained to you on-site by your Team Leader. 

You will have meal breaks, so you can go grab something to eat and recharge your batteries. The rota will include a lunch break of 30 mins, and two coffee breaks of 15 mins (the specifics can be arranged with your Team Leader on-site, depending on your role’s needs). 

There are Volunteer Break Rooms (Offices 5.8-5.9), providing a relaxing set up; there will also be seating available to escape the crowds in the Piazza outside the Halls. 


Breakfast is served in the Volunteer Break Room (Offices 5.6-5.7), 07:00-09:00 each morning. 

Additionally, each volunteer is allocated two meals per day for working days: one for lunch and one for an evening meal. You receive your vouchers when checking in. If you lose your food vouchers, Player1 Events will not be able to re-issue you new ones, so please look after them. 

Vouchers can be used in a variety of outlets on site, the full list of outlets along with what you can and can’t use them for can be found on the reverse of your food vouchers.

We are encouraging volunteers to spend time at the show and enjoy their favourite games and activities. The timetables vary from team to team, but make sure to use your breaks and time off as allocated by your Team Leader to explore your favourite zones!

*You are expected to turn up promptly for all allocated shifts. Failure to do so will be addressed on site by the Volunteer Manager.

On-shift: During Volunteer Sign-in you will be issued branded t-shirts to wear on shift, you will have chosen your sizes when claiming your volunteer ticket. We stock UK sizes S – 5XL. If you have clothing requirements outside of this, please speak to your Team Leader prior to the event. 

At the end of the event, you will need to fold and sign the t-shirts back in so they can be washed for the next event. 

Please ensure that you also bring a pair of comfortable shoes, remember you will be on your feet for extended periods of time. 

Things to remember: 

  • Footwear should be suitable for work (No heels, Ugg boots or open toe shoes) 
  • Jeans/ trousers should be clean and presentable (no rips or damage) 
  • Skirts are acceptable, but these should be of an appropriate length 
  • Accreditation should be worn at all times when on shift (security wristbands)
  • Appearance must be presentable, we know you’re all individuals but remember you represent Player1 Events. 

Off shift:  your time is yours to spend as you wish. Please take off your volunteer uniform if you’re off-shift: we need to ensure the public & staff know who’s working, and who’s not. 

There are evening festivities that you are welcome to take part in (depending on your shift pattern). All activities have limited spaces, so please speak to your Team Leader about allocations and tickets, however please be mindful that as an event volunteer, even when off shift you are representing both Player1 Events and the Insomnia event as a whole). 

By Train – The NEC is right next to Birmingham International rail station. You can get to any of our halls quickly and conveniently, without having to step outside! The NEC entrance is on the right-hand side as you exit the station, and clearly signposted. Many services run directly to Birmingham International. If yours doesn’t, you can catch a connecting train at Birmingham New Street. There are regular services, and the journey only takes 10-15 minutes. Buses to the NEC can be caught at Birmingham Moor Street and Solihull stations. For further information call National Rail enquiries on 08457 484950. 

By Bus & Coach – Coach services are operated by National Express and Megabus, with over 120 daily services from across the UK to Birmingham Airport. From here you can get to the NEC in minutes on the free air-rail link. Regular local buses depart from Birmingham City Centre. The 900 service runs every 15 mins during the day taking approximately 30 mins. The 97 service operates every 30 mins, 24hrs a day taking approximately 45 mins. Local bus services also run every 30 minutes throughout the day to Solihull (service 966) and Coventry (service 900). 

By Car – The NEC is in the perfect location for car travel – 8 miles east of Birmingham city centre, and at the heart of the UK motorway network. Postcode – B40 1NT 

Follow the electronic signage or directions provided by our traffic team to get you to the right car park area for your event. Once you’ve parked you can either take a free shuttle bus or walk to the halls using our signposted footpaths. 


There is allocated parking available free of charge for Volunteers located in the East Car parks (East 1). Once you’ve parked your car, you can walk to the halls using our signposted footpaths (or use the shuttle bus on live days, Friday-Sunday, 9am to 7pm and Monday 9am to 5pm). You will need to pick up parking permits from the Volunteer office when you arrive at the venue, to be displayed in your windscreen for free exit. 

Parking is only available if you pre-book a space with Player1 Events. Please let your Team Leader know in advance if you’re aiming to bring a car. 

Please note that no travel expenses are available for Volunteers.

Indoor Camping is an area located within the main halls onsite, where volunteers can create a sleeping space for the duration of the festival. Volunteer indoor sleeping is separate from regular customer camping, and has separate showers available. 

What do I need to bring? 

  • A camp bed or inflatable mattress 
  • Bedding 
  • Eye mask and earplugs 
  • A towel 
  • A tent if you wish (size of tent should be relative to the number of occupants: i.e. 1 person to have a tent no larger than a 2-person tent) 

Player1 Events take no responsibility for any lost or damaged items while staying in the indoor sleeping area. 

The lights will be out in the campsite from 21:00 – 09:00, please keep noise to a minimum during this period. Anyone that does not respect the other volunteers, or customers, in the area will be asked to leave. The whole campsite must adhere to the ‘no alcohol’ rule. 

There will be camp beds available from Player1 Events, however the number is limited, so please express your interest while registering for the event (a question will be available in the registration form you will complete as a successful volunteer).

Volunteers will not be allowed into the halls until they have completed the Health and Safety Induction online; we will be sending the link to the training portal closer to the event – with enough time available to go through all the documents and short Q&A’s! 

Anyone on site during build & break periods are expected to be in appropriate PPE for the work to be done. High visibility clothing is compulsory and appropriate hard-soled footwear is strongly advised. High-viz for Volunteers will be supplied by Player1 Events. But must be signed out, and returned at the end of the event. 

Disposable ear plugs will be available from the Volunteer Office for anyone working in a noisy environment. Speak with your Team Leader for advice on your working area. 

It would be useful to familiarise yourself with the Player1 Events Site rules before coming to site: 

  • i68 Site Safety Rules
  • i68 Site Safety Information
  • Venue Emergency Procedures will be on posters in volunteer areas 
  • Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 applies to both employees and volunteers. You have a duty to: 
  • Take care of your own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by your actions.
  • Cooperate with Player1 Events on all health and safety issues. 
  • Correctly use work items provided by Player1 Events in accordance with training instructions.

If you think there is a health and safety problem in your workplace, you should first of all discuss it with your Team Leader or Player1 Events staff. 

If you have any questions about Health & Safety not covered by this please consult your Team Leader, or email [email protected]

Please state on the sign up form whether you would like to be considered for a BYOC staff seat. Please note that BYOC Staff seats are time limited & can only be requested and claimed up to 4 weeks before the event goes live. When you request a seat you will be sent an email with instructions on how your seat will be allocated. Please be aware that if you apply to have a BYOC seat but do not use it during your off shift time, then you will not be allowed to use this service in the future.

All volunteers can apply for 4 free tickets for Monday 18th April, on the sign-up form. If you’re not sure at the time of signing up, please speak to your Team Leader. If you also change your mind before getting to the event, speak to your Team Leader.

One of the main attractions for our younger audience is the Content Creators at the festival. We hold different types of content around the festival from stage content to panel talks. Volunteers will be involved in various areas, and there are a few rules regarding creators: 

  • Please DO NOT enter the creator room, unless you are on the creator team. 
  • Do not enter the photo opportunity areas. 
  • No interaction or photos with the creators while on shift. 
  • Do not talk about the location of the creator Room or any planned Meet and Greet in front of the public.
  • Remain professional

BYOC Loyalty

Byoc Loyalty

How it works

Your loyalty ranking (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond) increases when you attend a certain amount of qualifying events, if you are unable to attend an event your loyalty level is held at your current level for 1 calendar year (this is known as the loyalty freeze period). If you don’t attend the next valid event after the 1 year freeze period elapses then your loyalty level will degrade, 1 level for every qualifying event missed. The programme is designed to reward our most loyal BYOC attendees.

Put simply:

One level is added to your loyalty for each BYOC you attend.

One level is subtracted from your loyalty for each BYOC you don’t attend after a one-year loyalty freeze period.

Loyalty Freeze Period

Sometimes life, uh, finds a way. A way to stop us from going to events we love. So if you can’t make it to the very next event, don’t panic! Your loyalty level is frozen for a calendar year so you won’t lose loyalty levels until after that period is up. Once that period is up, your loyalty rank will decrease by 1 for every event not attended.

Levels, Ranks and Discounts

BYOC Loyalty is set into 4 ranks spread over 10 levels

1 event attended = 1 Level

1 event missed one calendar year after last event attended = -1 Level

Example: A customer who has attended 4 events and bought tickets to their 5th will become a Gold customer but will not be able to use the benefits of a Gold discount until they come to book their 6th event.

Discounts apply to BYOC Standard, BYOC Priority & BYOC VIP tickets only. Your loyalty discount is a personal discount attached to your email and is restricted to only your singular ticket per event only.

Diamond level discount holders purchasing tickets during early bird promotions are entitled to a free upgrade from standard to priority BYOC tickets*.

Loyalty discounts do not apply when using any other form of a discount on your ticket purchase (including early bird) and are valid for full price tickets only.

*Only applies if early-bird promotion is being implemented for that specific event.

Qualifying events

Loyalty can be accrued from attending as a BYOC customer at an Insomnia Gaming Festival or an Insomnia LAN event (Small Local LANs, a.k.a StratLAN, do not count towards this programme at this time)

After each qualifying event, each customer’s loyalty will be updated on their account.

How to claim

Using our ticket provider, when you purchase your tickets you will be asked to provide an email address. As long as you provide the same email address you used to book previous Insomnia BYOC tickets, your discount will be automatically applied.


My loyalty discount isn’t applying/is incorrect

Email [email protected] and we can look into this for you

I have to cat-sit for my nans brothers uncle’s pigeon that weekend. What will happen to my loyalty level?

If you can’t make it to the next show, don’t worry. Your loyalty level will remain fixed for a calendar year since the last show you attended. Just in case you wanted to attend, but couldn’t.

I’m attending my 5th event in a row. That makes me Gold rank right? Why am I still only seeing a Silver level discount?

Your rank is applied when you attend the event, not at ticket purchase. So purchasing your 5th ticket will still give you a Silver rank discount but after attending that 5th show, your discount will level up to Gold for the 6th.

I attended 5 Insomnias and 3 Stratlans in a row. Does that make my loyalty level Diamond?

Unfortunately, our Stratlan events are not included in the BYOC loyalty programme. Your current loyalty level is calculated on Insomnia Gaming Festivals (as a BYOC customer) and Insomnia LAN’s attended. In this example, the loyalty rank would be Gold (level 5)

i65 Recap

Insomnia65 RECAP

We’re always working hard to bring the best and most mad relevant gaming experiences to you to get your hands on at Insomnia. Unfortunately, without a time machine, we can’t let you know what will be available at the next show (keep an eye on our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for those updates!). For now, let’s take a look at some of the best bits of Insomnia65 to give you an idea of the kind of amazing things you can look forward to at #i68…

Borderlands 3

One of the first UK showings of Borderlands 3, players were able to get their hands on 2K’s brand new looter-shooter a full 3 weeks before it’s official release. All around the Insomnia expo, games were being shown off before their release dates so everyone could go home and brag that they had played the most anticipated titles of the year including Fifa20, MediEvil, The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Luigi’s Mansion, Ghost Recon Breakpoint and many more.

The Ubisoft Experience

A UK exclusive “show within a show” brought Ubisoft’s A-game to Insomnia and provided an expansion to the show including showcases and experiences all based on Ubisoft’s biggest and best games. This included their signature circular stage, Assassin’s Creed VR maze and parkour stunt show, an exclusive look at Watch Dogs Legion as well as their retro zone and hands-on with Ghost Recon Breakpoint and Just Dance 2020.

Just Dance Lip-Sync Battle

Brand new for 2019, our main stage saw worlds collide when Ubisoft’s Just Dance was merged with the massively popular Ru Paul’s Drag Race to create the Just Dance Lip Sync Battle! Featuring special guest drag queens as well as Golden Joystick nominee Rage Darling and The Dark Rooms very own John Robertson, the competition was fierce in this highly entertaining crossover of gaming and pop-culture. 

The Dark Room: Boss Level Up Your Mum

Taking to the Insomnia stage once again, the next evolution of John Robertsons “The Dark Room”. Let’s take a look at the checklist… Audience abuse. Windows error screens. Yeeting a laptop off a stage. Crowd Surfing a bean-soaked stranger outside for being a nob? Uh-huh, who needs security to do the heavy lifting anyway. The Dark Room Boss Level Up Your Mum upped the ante for Insomnia’s long-running evening entertainment and left everyone in stitches, eagerly awaiting their next dose of roomy darkness.

Borderlands Cosplay Competition

If playing Borderlands 3 wasn’t enough to get some Borderlands hype going then our Cosplay Competition took it to the next level! Taking place on our main stage, the best of the best cosplayers came together to show off their Borderlands cosplay creations to earn the chance to compete in the national finals. If you want a better look at what was to offer you can check out a highlight video right here.

BYOC Potato PC Pageant

One lucky member of the BYOC walked away from Insomnia with a brand new gaming PC! And all it took to get such a prize? Gaming on a potato. Not a real potato of course, that would be absurd!* But gaming rig you could barely call electronic, let alone a computer. Anyway, the point is, there were lots of competitions, tournaments and prizes.
*Stay tuned for Maris Piper MLG tournaments coming soon.

Belong vs Army vs RAF Esports

A contest for the ages, we pitted our very own Belong Esports Team up against the best IRL Call Of Duty active participants to see who dominates on land, air or…sweaty mum’s basement. Players from the Army, the RAF and Belong battled it out in Overwatch to see who would be crowned the victor in this exciting mini esports tournament. To see what else the Army and RAF got up to at i65, click here.

Doctor Who UK First-Play

Featuring in the Virtual Reality Zone, players got the chance to get their hands on the brand new VR game; Doctor Who: The Edge of Time. Being the exclusive first opportunity to play in the UK a full month before it’s official release in September!

We had a lot of fun at i65 with a lot of great stuff for everyone to get involved in! If you want to see more you can find all the i65 event photography on this link and see what else we got up to at the UK’s biggest gaming festival! We hope we’ll see you in April for Insomnia66!

Ticket Types

Which ticket is for you?

So, you’re thinking of buying a ticket to Insomnia? Well if you want to know exactly what you get for your money then you came to the right place! In this article, we’ll outline exactly what you’re getting for each type of ticket! If you can’t find the info you’re looking for here, it will probably be in the FAQ’s (coming soon!)

Day Tickets

Your whistle-stop tour of the Insomnia Gaming Festival! Get your hands on the latest games, catch a show or check out some top-tier exhibitors. Your day ticket grants you access to the entire show (except for the BYOC hall) but be careful! If you don’t plan ahead you might miss out on some of the stuff to see and do.

Priority Day Tickets

If you’re looking for a little more time at Insomnia, why not upgrade to Priority? Priority Day Tickets will grant you half an hour early access into the show before everyone else so you can get to the games you want to play and beat the queues! Not only this, but you also get fast-pass queueing for the meet & greets and our VR zone as well as priority seating for our stage shows.

Weekend Ticket

3 days of non-stop gaming! Your weekend Insomnia ticket grants you access to all 3 days of the show including all the stage shows, meet & greets, interactive zones and everything at the event! With access to all 3 days of Insomnia, this means you won’t miss any of the amazing stuff that we’ll have ready for you to enjoy! You won’t miss a thing and you’ll get a pretty sweet fabric wristband too!

Priority Weekend Tickets

The ultimate Insomnia Gaming Festival Experience! Everything included in the weekend ticket plus amazing extras such as; half an hour early entry into the show so you can get straight into the action before anyone else, priority queueing so you won’t have to stand in line as long to meet your favourite creators or play the latest VR experiences, and priority seating to get nearer to the action on our main stage.

Camping for the weekend? Priority weekend tickets also grant you access to our indoor camping hall on Thursday night so you don’t have to worry about getting to the show on time Friday morning!

With the priority weekend Insomnia ticket, you can make sure you get to experience everything the show has to offer with as little time as possible wasted waiting around!

*Camping access requires a camping ticket, sold separately.


If your a PC gamer and looking for a way to rub shoulders with the biggest gaming community in the UK then the Insomnia BYOC is the place to be. 24 hours of PC focussed gaming. Tournaments, activities, bars, deliver-to-your-desk services and so much more. Everything in the BYOC is tailored based on the feedback we get from you, the community. Every game we play, every activity we put on is all based on exactly what you said you wanted to see at the next show. If you don’t own your own PC, that’s fine! We offer a range of rentals for all budgets. For more information take a look at the BYOC page.

Your BYOC ticket grants you 24-hour access to the BYOC hall, the BYOC seat picker so you can make sure you and your friends are sat together, access to the after-hours bar, exclusive evening entertainment discounts and of course, a swanky fabric wristband. All of this and early entry into the Insomnia expo every day!

Not sure if BYOC is for you and want to just give it a try for a day? Check out the BYOC Day Tickets!

BYOC Priority

96 hours not good enough eh? Well with BYOC Priority you can get all the above as well as access to your desk and the camping hall from Thursday afternoon so you can jump straight in, no delays.


Oh, you want more do you?! Well, with a BYOC VIP ticket you have access to all of the above but also; seating in the carpeted VIP area of the hall with super-comfy chairs, a larger gaming station, skip the check-in queue, VIP parking (because who want to drag their rig across the NEC grounds), double power and internet speeds and an exclusive Discord channel so you can direct any “feedback” straight into the support team. The real red carpet experience.

BYOC Loyalty Programme

Been to multiple BYOCs at Insomnia? Well, then you’re already well on your way to being a part of the BYOC loyalty community. Attend multiple shows in a row and the tickets to your next show will be discounted. Keep going and you’ll unlock extra rewards such as further discounts on your tickets all the way to automatic upgrades to priority for absolutely no extra cost. For more information on how the system works, take a look right here.

*Camping access requires a camping ticket, sold separately.


Hotel prices getting you down? Want to explore everything the UK’s biggest gaming festival has to offer without selling a kidney for 4 hotel nights? Enjoy the full music festival experience but want more games? Muddy fields giving you Reading festival flashbacks? If you answered “hell yeah, that’s me!” to any of the above then check out camping at Insomnia. Indoor camping all weekend long so you can make sure you stick around for all the action without any of the drawbacks.

If you want to help out the environment and have a tent set up for you already, check out the Eco Village!

Evening Entertainment

And if all of that isn’t enough then stay tuned for updates on how you can extend your experience into the late hours! From our community trivia night the “World Famous Pub Quiz” to gaming comedy nights and even laser-tag! We’re always looking for new and exciting ways to keep your experience as unique as possible so don’t forget to follow our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to keep up to date for everything happening at the next Insomnia Gaming Festival.

So how about it? Fancy joining us for the UK’s Biggest Gaming Festival? Now you have all the information you need to get involved. What are you waiting for? Tickets are available right now!

What Is Insomnia?

A Brief introduction to Insomnia Gaming Festival

Insomnia Gaming Festival is a huge gaming event, uniting players for a weekend of gaming fun and interactive exhibitions all under one roof. The prestige event has something for every gamer, from Bring Your Own Computer playing hall to Retro Gaming stalls and even an exclusive first look at some of the greatest games coming out soon! Players, this is everything you need to know about Insomnia.

When & where does it take place?

Not to be confused with the sleeping condition, Insomnia is a festival made for gamers held at the NEC in Birmingham.

There is no minimum age to attend this event, however, children under the age of 16 must always be accompanied by an adult. There are also specific elements of the event that are only for over 18 (you will be asked for ID). Find more information about our age policy here.

Play Games

Insomnia Gaming Festival is a great place for you to do what we all love, play games. Top publishers often bring an exclusive first-play at the gaming event, so be sure to check out who’s coming to the next Insomnia. It’s also the perfect chance for gamers to play with others in competitions like the Fortnite Tournament or enjoy some Indie games that you might not have thought about playing before. There is a wide range of games covering multiple genres, so there will definitely be something there for you!

Do you also play tabletop games? No problem! We have various board games set up at the venue, so you can really enjoy every form of gaming.

What is there to see and do?

There is plenty of things to get involved with. There is a huge Expo Stage where you can find daily competitions taking place, special guests on stage for an event and industry expert panels. From gameshows to Cosplay masquerade, there will always be a show worth watching at the Insomnia Stage.

We recommend heading to one of the expert panels, where you’ll get the opportunity to listen to some talented developers and staff at gaming publishers to talk about some of the hottest games coming soon.

Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC)

If you’re not a seasoned veteran of Insomnia, you’re probably wondering what BYOC is? It means Bring Your Own Computer, and it’s legendary. We host the UK’s biggest LAN Party with players bringing their set-up from home to compete in esports tournaments, fight off in multiplayer battles and more. The BYOC room also has its own exclusive social zones so you don’t have to go far if you need to take a break.

Don’t worry if you don’t have your own gaming PC! We don’t want anyone to miss out on the fun so we have an on-site rental team who will be able to kit you out with an impressive set-up for an additional cost, so you have even odds to beat the competition.

Evening Entertainment

The gaming fun doesn’t stop there, in the evenings that are various activities for gamers to get involved in. From pub quizzes to social gatherings and meet-ups, there are plenty of things for gamers to unite in. Please note, some events may have age restrictions.


Yes, you got it! You can even camp at Insomnia! Not outside, but inside and we can guarantee warmth and lots of fun.


Sounds awesome right? Because there is so much to see and do, you will have a unique experience every time you attend the event. So, whether it’s your first time joining us, or you’ve been before, let’s get together and celebrate our passion for gaming.