Insomnia the Gaming Festival | It's Never Just A Game


Whether you want to see your favourite characters brought to life through Cosplay or even meet the voice behind those characters, connect with the best communities in gaming!


Hang out with your favourite content creators, streamers, YouTubers and TikTokers! And while you’re there, meet the voices behind your favourite characters!

*Previous event photography. For confirmed guests, check out the “Guests” webpage


Gaming! Esports! D&D! Excitement! Drama!

Our stages at Insomnia Gaming Festival are back to entertain you all weekend long with a variety of game shows, panel talks, podcasts, cosplay shows and so much more!


Learn how to create cosplays, show off your creations or even participate in massive cosplay competitions with cash prizes at Insomnia Gaming Festival! 


Find out more about how you can show off your creators on our Insomnia stage right here


Having a great time and raising money for a good cause. What’s not to love?

Special Effect are transforming the lives of people with physical challenges right across the world through the innovative use of technology. At the core of this mission is their work to optimise inclusion, enjoyment and quality of life by helping people control video games to the best of their abilities for as long as they need them.

Wishes take time and money to organise. They require creativity, passion and commitment. Make-A-Wish’s networks and communities – health and social care professionals, volunteers, partners, fundraisers, supporters, wish families – are key to making children’s wishes become a reality.

Whether you’re looking for yourself, a member of your family, or your child, Guide Dogs’ experts can help you find ways to live actively, independently and well with sight loss. From getting around safely to dog care and welfare, and family support to opening up the world with technology, their information and advice is here to guide you.

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