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Insomnia is and always has been, about it’s communities. We don’t mean the community of people that follow our social media accounts and buy tickets to our events, it’s about much more than that. It’s about the communities that love playing games, that want to see their favourite games brought to life and the communities that love to watch their favourite streamers, YouTubers and content creators upload their content and go live. We want the creators at Insomnia Gaming Festival to reflect that passion about communities.

At the end of the day, we are a platform for you to use to meet the creators that keep us going everyday, provide entertainment and give us an escape from reality. So we want to give you the space to be able to safely meet up with your heroes and have amazing experiences!

And if those content creators get so big that they just can’t fit Insomnia into their schedule anymore then that’s fine too! As much as we want to provide a space for our guests to meet their favourite creators, we also want to give creators a space to grow their communities and meet new people. As long as everyone leaves Insomnia feeling like they have new stories to tell and experiences to share then we will know we’ve done what we set out to do.

Is your favourite content creator missing from this list? Make sure you shout about Insomnia in their chat/comments section and get them to submit an application! We don’t judge a creator by the size of their followers/subscribers but rather by the quality of their content and community.

We’re constantly adding new faces to the list of creators attending Insomnia so be sure to check back soon to see who’s new!

That’s not all! We’ll have a space available for creators to set up and sell merch! The Trading Post will be a feature of the Creator Tavern. So if you’ve noticed someone’s launched some awesome new beanies/pin badges/questionable bottles of bathwater*, then this will be the best place to pick them up!

*Don’t worry, we won’t let anyone sell their bath water at Insomnia


Meet & Greet –  1pm Friday 26th

Guest on Wee Chat – 2pm Saturday 27th


Canadian American actor Patricia Summersett will be joining us for #i69 on the Cosplay Zone and Meet & Greet!

Best known for her performance as the voice of Princess Zelda in Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Patricia has also provided full performance capture for two assassins in Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Franchise (Hope Jensen – AC Rogue and Galina Voronina – AC Syndicate) as well as for ‘Ash‘ in the popular Esports title Rainbow Six: Siege.




As well as putting on an unmissable D&D live show, the adventurers of Session 0 will be attending Insomnia as content creator guests! Check them out in the Creator Tavern and a special Meet & Greet after the show (Day/Time TBC).









Sam Bailey

Part meet & greet, part community meet space, the Insomnia Creator Tavern is a place at Insomnia for you and your favourite creators to hang out, get to know one another and each other’s communities and share experiences. Like meeting your favourite creators at Spoons after you saw them Tweet about it but without having to leave the show you came all this way for!




Now, we know you have questions… Let us address them here!

Why do some YouTubers and Streamers not attend Insomnia anymore?

As with every content creator that attends Insomnia, all we want is for their community and their success to flourish. Unfortunately, sometimes when this happens it means their time is suddenly very valuable. And not just in fitting Insomnia into their very busy schedules, sometimes this means that we can’t meet all their requirements to attend the show. The only way for us to have these creators attend would be to have a ticketing format to sell meet & greet tickets to our attendees which we feel doesn’t fit with the goals of our event being a community-led festival. Of course, if our community gives us the feedback that they would actually prefer this, then we may consider changing it in the future. We are always listening to your feedback and aim to give you exactly what you want to see at Insomnia Gaming Festival!

The Insomnia Creator Tavern looks cool but… does that mean no more meet & greet?

Don’t worry! We appreciate some creators have communities that are far too large to just run around the Tavern without causing massive issues so we will still have a Meet & Greet section for these creators to safely interact with their communities and have a great experience. The exact meet & greet schedules will be released at a later date, keep an eye on this page for details!

I don’t reckon I’ve got enough followers to be a creator at Insomnia, should I apply anyway?

Absolutely! We judge creator applications by the quality of their content and community. Not strictly by the size of their following. I mean, if you launched your channel last week you might want to give it a little while before you apply but we’ll have our eye out for you and other up and coming content creators!

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