Insomnia Gaming Festival | A Celebration Of Gaming

Your first stop for everything you need to know while you’re at Insomnia Gaming Festival! All the info you would want and some activities to get involved in such as:

– Event map

Typically released in the week prior to the event. We’re adding new things all the way up to the end!

– Achievement Leaderboards

A list of challenges across the whole of Insomnia for you to earn points and rank on a leaderboard! Typically released on the Thursday before Insomnia so no one gets a head start

– Stage Schedules

A full list of every show across every stage at Insomnia and what time they’re on! Create an account and build your own schedule with alerts and reminders.

– More info

Bespoke pages for what to do next if you’re getting overwhelmed with the content available and also some on-site information like parking and where to find the loos!

– Quick Links

Quick access to the full Insomnia website if you’re looking for more detail, our Merch store if you’re looking to get geared up and even a link to our Official Insomnia Discord channel so you can get involved with the community!


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