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Hero Blast

In the year 2165, the powers-that-be approved the status of a new education system that would replace the aging police forces of old. Trained from a young age, recruits at the Hero Blast Academy would undergo a program that transformed them from newbies into fully fledged Superheroes. But the evil Super Villains have also developed new powers in their quest to conquer all. Can our next generation of Superheroes save the day and foil their plans?

Hero Blast Academy is a superhero-themed laser tag game for children and adults of all ages, utilising the state-of-the-art HeroBlast system.

Hero Blast is a MOBA tower defense inspired action experience game brought to you by the team at Grange Live Gaming. This superhero laser tag game is suitable for any age and will take place in a fully themed 300sqm area in Hall 2 of the NEC on Saturday, 24th August. 

– Tickets are £7.00 + Booking Fee
-Each slot is 20mins (including briefing and ending, with 15mins of game time), 20 tickets per slot – 10 v 10 games

19:25 – Game 1
19:45 – Game 2
20:05 – Game 3
20:25 – Game 4
20:45 – Game 5
21:05 – Game 6
21:25 – Game 7
21:45 – Game 8
22:05 – Game 9
22:25 – Game 10
22:45 – Game 11

*times may vary slightly

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