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Become an Ian today!

Enhance your Insomnia Creator experience with our I.A.N Programme!

There are so many famous Ian’s. McKellen, McShane… erm.. Beale? Well now you can become your own I-A-N with the Insomnia Affiliates Network! The programme is simple: show us that your audience is engaged and want to see you at our show and we’ll make sure that you have everything you need and put you in the right places to connect with them while your at Insomnia!

All you need to do is sign up to I.A.N on the button below and you will receive a unique link for Insomnia65 that you can share with your audience. If they buy tickets to come you’ll earn points, those points will be exchanged for higher presence at the show. 

Take a look at the details below:

First off, the points breakdown:

Friday Day Ticket – 5 points

Saturday Day Ticket – 5 points

Sunday Day Ticket – 5 points

Monday Day Ticket – 8 points

Weekend Ticket – 20 points

BYOC Ticket – 50 points

And what will we give you in return?

Tier 1 – 100 points

A pair of weekend Insomnia65 tickets for you to give to friends and family, social media giveaways, it’s up to you!

Tier 2 – 250 points

Tier 1 reward, plus access to the Insomnia VIP creator lounge, a slot on the Expo Stage & announcement at the show from the Insomnia social channels.

Tier 3 – 500 points

All of the above, plus a meet & greet slot on our M&G stand as well as your own featured space on the guests page of our website and app!

Tier 4 – 1000 points

All of the above, as well as a slot on the Insomnia main stage including all the footage of your appearance delivered to you post-show!

The Social Media Manager Mutilation Tier

10,000 points

All of the above, plus our social media manager will tattoo your channel name/twitter handle on his leg. Yep.

Limited to the first person to reach this tier!

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