Counter-Strike Source

Signup Guide

1) Make sure you are a BYOC Ticket holder for i44!

2) Click Signups in the menu above!

3) Select the appropriate Tab for your tournament, be that a WCG tournament, prize winning or simply fun.

4) Create a new team in the left hand box with “Not Entered” written in by typing in the name of the team into the box. Click Save in the bottom left. If you already have a team signed up (a friend/team mate has completed this step) then skip to the step below.

5) Add your Steam IDs to Clanforge prior to the tournament beginning. To add your Steam ID to your Multiplay account click this link here and place it into the Battlenet info box! Yes we know the name is wrong.

Each team must check the opposite teams Steam IDs BEFORE the match goes LIVE, after live you can not dispute an invalid Steam ID.

6) If you already have a team entered select that team in the right hand box that has “Not Entered” in it. This box is a drop down menu where you will be able to select your team, if previously created. Select your team, click save in the bottom left.

7) Play some games at LAN! 😉