FIFA 12 Xbox

A stalwart tournament in the Insomnia Gaming Festival line up, FIFA 12 brings great football action to the event for both BYOC and TUP gamers alike! The prize pool will depend on how many players attend, at £20 per player, make sure you get your friends involved, and you could make this tournament massive!



Please all make sure you know when your tournament starts. The LAN starts at 9am so please make sure you are there with plenty of time to be set up, warmed up and ready to play BEFORE your tournament games begin.

FIFA is scheduled for Sunday 20th of November. Signups close at 10:30am. The tournament starts shortly after.

Sign up guide

If you have any problems like you might turn up late etc –

1) Turn up to the event. You can enter this tournament with either a BYOC ticket, or just simply turn up as a spectator for the day (£5), and join the tournament.

2) Find our TUP Xbox360 area before 10:30am – and talk to Dave (from – he should be easy to find.

3) Sign up and play! There is a £20 entry fee which goes straight into the prizepool.

4) Tournament starts at 11am – so don’t be late!