Team Fortress 2 – Lower Only

You will find links above to all of the sections of information for this tournament, including your matches, teams and admins, as well as a web IRC client below for connecting to the tournament IRC channel!

Tournament News and Schedule

As before we are running both an Upper and Lower tournament to allow for both a top tier and a community tier team to win insomnia44 tickets! Please keep your eyes here and on the rules for any changes which will be announced.

How do I know if I am considered “Lower”? How do I know if I can compete in this! The simple answer is this. Only players that are Div2 or below in the ESL and / or ETF2L in the last 6 months are considered “Lower”. This can be in either league however, if you are div 1 ETF2L but div4 ESL then you do NOT qualify. If you have been in div 1 or above in the last 6 months, in either league, then do not apply as you will not be breaking the rules and will result in the entire team disqualification from the tournament.

To be clear, every player in the team must not be / not have been Div 1 or above in either the ESL or ETF2L in the last 6 months to enter.

Currently the tournament is scheduled to be run on the Weds 2nd November and Thurs 3rd November beginning at 7pm GMT on the 2nd and 8pm GMT on the 3rd.

The tournament will be played on the Capture Point, Stopwatch, Capture The Flag. The structure will be Single Elimination.

Matches will be played on one map per round until the grand finals where the winner will be decided in a best of 3 maps contest.

Think your up to the challenge? Signup by clicking signups in the menu above.

Sign-ups will be open until 2 hours prior to each competitions start time.

The schedule is as follows (Max 32 teams, if 16 dropping a round from Tues):

Weds 2nd November:

Round 1: 7pm GMT
Round 2: 8pm GMT
Round 3: 9pm GMT

Thurs 3rd November:

Semi Finals: 7pm GMT

Grand Finals: 8pm GMT

As always, we are eager to hear your feedback and would like to hear any recommendations/changes you would like to see, so head on over the our IRC channel on Quakenet – #insomnia-tf2

Signup Guide

1) Create a Multiplay account if you do not have one: – make sure you verify with the Authorisation e-mail!

2) Click Signups in the menu above!

3) Create a new team in the left hand box with “Not Entered” written in by typing in the name of the team into the box. Click Save in the bottom left. If you already have a team signed up (a friend/team mate has completed this step) then skip to the step below.

4) If you already have a team entered select that team in the right hand box that has “Not Entered” in it. This box is a drop down menu where you will be able to select your team, if previously created. Select your team, click save in the bottom left.

5) Add your Steam IDs to Clanforge prior to the tournament beginning. To add your Steam ID to your Multiplay account click this link here and place it into the Battlenet info box! Yes we know the name is wrong.

Each team must check the opposite teams Steam IDs BEFORE the match goes LIVE, after live you can not dispute an invalid Steam ID.

6) You are signed up! Keep regular tabs on the News page as it will come with updates regarding teams, scheduling, match times, delays, news etc.

7) Play some TF2 at the designated times 😉