Minecraft Tournaments


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Think you know Minecraft? Think again! If you have not been to an Insomnia Gaming Festival and played Minecraft our way, then you are missing out. Multiplay Gameservers are back sponsoring the Minecraft competitions at Insomnia.

Tournament Information

  • Format: PC
  • Team Size: Varied
  • Maximum Teams: Varied
  • Start Date: TBD
  • End Date: TBD
  • Entry Requirement: Any event ticket

At Insomnia49 Multiplay’s Minecraft area will return, with loads of PCs set up for everyone to take part in dozens of competitive games. Fun for gamers of all ages, we will be announcing more information about which competitions we are running in the coming weeks. Once again the Minecraft tournaments are sponsored by Multiplay Gameservers where you can get a Minecraft server pretty much anywhere in the world! Also sponsoring the Minecraft tournaments in the Minecraft Expo UK are Enermax, suppliers of top quality power supplies for gaming PCs.