League of Legends Insomnia50 Online Qualifier

Razer League of Legends Online Qualifier

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The Insomnia50 edition of the Razer League of Legends cup is almost here – and to lead up to the spectacular winter event, Razer are sponsoring an online qualifier for EUW teams that can attend Insomnia50 in Telford, England. The prize is 5 full BYOC tickets for the event, to come and take part in the cash prize League of Legends tournament, to the value of £460! Good luck.

Tournament Information

  • Format: PC
  • Team Size: 5
  • Maximum Teams: 256
  • Qualifier Start Date: 11th November 2013
  • Qualifier End Date: 12th November 2013
  • Entry Requirement: EUW LoL Account (level 30). 16 Champions unlocked (not including the free rotation).

Schedule (Updated – 11 Nov 2013)

Here is the schedule for the tournament. All teams are expected to make contact with the opponent team at least 5 minutes before the start time. Any team not present 15 minutes after the start time then a tournament administrator needs to be contacted to report a default win for that round.

11th November

  • 9am GMT – Sign up closure
  • 6pm GMT – RO16 (BO3)
  • 8pm GMT – RO8 (BO3)

12th November

  • 6pm GMT – RO4 (BO3)
  • 8pm GMT – RO2 (BO3)

Team List

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