A night with Yogscast at Insomnia61

You are hereby invited to join the movie celebration of The Yogscast at Insomnia 61 at 7:30 pm!

Attending this red carpet event will be the founder himself Lewis “Xephos” Brindley along with some of his biggest stars!

Attending are:

  • Paul “Sjin” Sykes - Known for his roles as the troll, who no matter what will always stick to his craft of making the audience laugh.

  • Duncan “Lalna” Jones - The mad scientist known for multiple roles, most notably his recurring role as Lalna.

  • Alex “Alsmiffy” Smith, Ross “djh3max” Hornby and Chris “Trottimus” Trott - The Stunt Lads, These men are famous for their insane and daring stunts.

  • Hannah “Lomadia” Rutherford - The woman of many hair colours. She is known for bringing a new colour to the table with each appearance she makes.

  • Matthew “Caff” Meredith - Together with his trusty sidekick Doug the Pug, Caff has managed to make himself known as the singer.

  • Rick “Zylus” Van Laanen - Known as the French King this man is also known for his roles as “The Dutch” who makes a lot of appearances in the City of Trouble Town.

It will be an evening filled with glamorous and hilarious fun. So grab your finest suit, most toppest of top hats and your ticket to join us for this fine evening!*

*Formal attire is optional


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