LAN Hall Arena

Battlefield 1 Update

When we announced a Battlefield 1 tournament in August, it was with the impression that by Insomnia59 the game’s private server functions would be released. Without this, it is impossible for us to password protect servers, and therefore to run a competitive tournament. DICE have worked with us to try to provide the required tools in time, but unfortunately they will not be ready by the 9th December. As such, we will no longer be running our advertised Battlefield 1 tournament at Insomnia59.

We will be setting up an Insomnia community server to ensure those who attend LAN to enjoy Battlefield are still able to play together within the BYOC. The intended prize money will be used to run a future Battlefield 1 tournament when private servers & spectator tools are released to us. We apologise for any inconvenience in this matter, and hope those of you who attend Insomnia enjoy the other activities & tournaments on offer during the weekend.

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