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I59 Cosplay

Costume and Play traditionally themes our cosplay areas around specific elements to provide you with an incredibly unique cosplay area each and every time! This Winter Insomnia we're stretching the boat out with two themes, Community and Inspiration!

Meaning Costume and Play will be transforming you into a beautiful winter wonderland with some fantastic community cosplay experiences to boot!

What should you look out for? 

The Insomnia Cosplay Masquerade (Saturday 3:00pm-4:00pm)Costume and Play is proud to present the Insomnia Masquerade, Weather you have an amazing costume you've poured hours into or want to bring your favorite character life on stage with a performance, then signing up to the Insomnia masquerade provides you with that opportunity!

The Cosplay Community Masquerade (Sunday 3:00pm-3:45pm) Honoring and welcoming all ability levels of cosplay, this is a great place to get started in the cosplay world! The community Masquerade will carry a series of fun categories the judges may choose to also award you with.

The Cosplay Zone Area

We'll be taking you to a beautiful winter wonderland with our cosplay winter grotto.

The cosplay zone area enables anyone of any ability level to interact directly with each element that makes up cosplay. This includes props, sewing, performance, digital cosplay, photography and much more.

This time we want to inspire you with cosplay projects you can get stuck into and reveal the wonders of the cosplay community;

Get your Christmas out! - Costume and Play will be composing a beautiful grotto you can capture your perfect cosplay winter moment in or take part in the several activities based round the grotto itself.

Maker Zone - Focusing on inspiring you ready for all those new year projects, we will have the most diverse range of activities you will be able to get involved in based around the elements of cosplay – such as Pepakura.

Props Zone - We're extending our props zone to include some of the biggest and best props techniques with several makers on hand for advice and running workshops across the three days!

Sewing Zone - Want to wear that epic 'frozen' cosplay this year? You'll have the opportunity to find out how fabrications are composed together here!  

Christmas Retail Zone - Looking for that perfect christmas gift for cosplay? We've teamed up with some great partners to bring you a fantastic Christmas retail therapy experience!

Community, Performance and Masquerade Zone - Besides the ability to discuss and sign up for the masquerade competitions, you'll also have the ability to get really stuck in with the cosplay community this winter. Including activities like the cosplay card exchange


 Grab a chair and sit comfortably next to the beautiful costume and play fireplace, which is also the best place to catch our series of cosplay panels ranging from costume components up close, props and scheduled activities that will be released on our timetable.



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