Cosplay Special Guests at Insomnia61

Fuzzbutt Cosplay

Hannah has been cosplaying since October of 2015, having turned to cosplay as an escape (like many of us do). Since starting out with Rocket Raccoon in 2015, she has challenged herself to make her favourite characters as cosplays, regardless of their popularity or level of difficulty. Her ideas span a number of genres and media and she always tries to be as accurate as possible (to a fault at times!!!). Recent cosplays include Captain Bucky O'Hare, his gunner shipmate Deadeye Duck and 'Shoe' from LAIKA studios' cute little film 'Boxtrolls'. With many more plans in the pipeline for 2017, she's going to be a busy bunny this year!

Mad Hamster Cosplay

Mad about cosplay, Mad Hamster started cosplaying in 2010 knowing nothing. After years of cosplaying they have developed on their sewing and crafting skills, and has since created a wide range of award winning costumes, ranging from fluffy fursuits to historical pieces to the terrifying nightmare fuel costumes.
Mad hamster always believes that if you want to make something you love, do it! Never let others say you can't do anything, just do it!

Fantail Cosplay

Cosplayer down to the core, Silantre has been dedicated to making cosplays since 2005. She has proven her crafting skills with the creation of many different award winning costumes, ranging from armour to fursuits. Shes a firm believer that anything drawn on paper can be made into a costume, whether it be from cardboard and duct tape or with the latest materials and gadgets!

CraftyNinja Cosplay

CraftyNinja has been cosplaying for about three years and deals with masked cosplay. Be it fabric, foam or fur, each costume is based on how much detail she can replicate and as such has several competition wins under her belt. A learner at heart, CraftyNinja is always looking to learn new techniques; work with new fabrics and most of all meet and make new friends.

Atom Cosplay

'I only realised there was a whole world of crazy cosplay guys out there in august 2015 when I went to my first con. I try and use all different materials and recycled objects to get the best results and to keep costs down, I love sharing tips on budget cosplaying and inspiring people to have a go that previously thought cosplaying was too expensive for them. I'm looking forward to venturing into bigger cosplays in the future!'

Quill Cosplay

Quill cosplay has been cosplaying for a number of years as anything from Master Chief to StarLord. His skills mainly lie in 3d printing props and armour but he dabbles in the odd bit of sewing and even fibreglassing pepakura. He prefers to cosplay with a helmet but don't let that put you off, he can talk for hours and enjoys showing people the technological side of cosplay!

Iron-Manda Cosplay

My names Manda; cosplayer and professional derper. While I've been cosplaying going on 8 years, my love of costume making has been with me my whole life. Cosplaying is a fantastic hobby that allows me to go as simple or all out as I like costume wise. It's

always a great feeling throwing on an outfit you've made and being able to fully transform into someone else! The best part has to be the people. Conventions have been an amazing way to network and meet so many fantastic people and make a ton of fantastic friends!

 Throughout my time cosplaying, I've dipped in and out of many different skill sets, such as sewing, armour making with foam and worbla, whip making, huge builds with wings and detailed theatre costume making. But now, I've finally settled into a field I find i suit most and thrive in; Kigu making, and puppet/ plushie making. Though I do keep popping back into other fields to mix things up a bit.

Besides Rafiki, other big builds include Legion Commander from Dota2, Ratchet from Ratchet and Clank, Soi Fon Bankai from Bleach, and my OC faun. But most of all, I make Pokemon puppets! I have currently make a lifesize Dragonair (14ft), lifesize Arbok (15ft), Dratini, Tyrunt and Ho-oh. Best thing about the puppets has to be the kids reaction! Nothing makes me smile more than seeing the kids faces when I bring their favorite Pokemon to life!

One thing I always promote, is that no matter who you are or what your story, cosplay is for everyone! No matter where cosplay takes me, I will always be the person you can message if you need advice or help, and I'll always try and help where I can. Being able to sew and make big costumes doesn't make me any better a person than anyone else, and that's something I feel everyone should in our community should adopt. After all, we're all just nerds in costumes, and if you ever see me at a con, please come say hi!

One thing I've noticed over the past few years, is that for some crazy, deranged reason, I enjoy making a costume more if it's a last minute decision a week before the con. When I DO find a costume worth putting in the hours for, I will happily spend up to a year planning and building to get it at competition standards.

I cosplay for the fun and friends, not the prizes. But when I do compete, the feeling of being able to perform on stage is just amazing! Out of the competitions I've entered, I have placed or won in all but 1, including runner up in our 2015 Eurocosplay qualifier, and winner at 2015 KitaCon. Since then however, I've started getting more involved in helping out in the con scene.

If you want to follow my work or message me for any advice or commissions, you can find me on Facebook at ( ) and follow my Instagram (

If you spot me at Insomnia this year, please come and say hi! I'll be in the cosplay area all weekend to offer any help or advice needed I can't wait to attend and meet so many new faces!


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