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Envyious been cosplaying for just under 3 years and has built a substantial following based on her talent creating gaming characters, although enjoys creating a range of different projects (bonus points if they have animal features and ears!) Her biggest project to date was demon vi from league of legends, taking over 6 months, with full moving hands and fore head suspended horns. Even winning first place in a masquerade with it.

I'm a bit of a cosplay chameleon and I adore how  freeing cosplay is as a hobby, to dress and express yourself how you wouldn't normally get to, and how accepting everyone is! Im most looking forward to getting to show case my work and spend time with my followers, gamers, and fellow cosplayers (And hopefully play some Overwatch!) 



22 year old cosplayer and photographer who lives to bring her favorite characters to life. Avid crossplayer with a cosplay history spanning games, anime, litirature and web series. Always on the look out for the next project!'




Dewnor is a cosplayer of 2 years who has been active in the cosplay scene since 2014. She prefers to be a bit of all all-rounder working with both armor and fabrics. In fact she's most well known for her 'princess' cosplays including her Disney Mash Up of Warrior Ariel and Disney Fairy Fawn.

Dewnor has entered many contests and has even won a few; Most recently taking the Craftsmanship award for her Timeskip Nora Cosplay! She has also had the honour of judging some competitions and loves to meet new people and see new crafts! 

Dewnor mostly just loves expressing her many fandoms in costume; ranging from film to gaming & anime, although her heart will always belong to Disney and Rwby!



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Shadows of Justice

Props and Cosplay Videogame Mashup Zone Featuring Katie, Tom and Steph.

'I only realised there was a whole world of crazy cosplay guys out there in august 2015 when I went to my first con.' Shadows of Justice came together to showcase the wonderful and vibrant world of cosplay, meeting their fans in character and showcasing the groups incredibly talented series of skillsets. We're proud to announce a collaboration featuring a section of cosplay props, a video games prize winning tombola and of course three of Shadows of Justice talented members such as Katie;

'I try and use all different materials and recycled objects to get the best results and to keep costs down, I love sharing tips on budget cosplaying and inspiring people to have a go that previously thought cosplaying was too expensive for them. I'm looking forward to venturing in to bigger cosplays in the future!'



Cosplayer down to the core, Silantre has been dedicated to making cosplays since 2005. She has proven her crafting skills with the creation of many different award winning costumes, ranging from armour to fursuits. She's a firm believer that anything drawn on paper can be made into a costume, whether it be from cardboard and duct tape or with the latest materials and gadgets!




CraftyNinja has been cosplaying for about three years and deals with masked cosplay. Be it fabric, foam or fur, each costume is based on how much detail she can replicate and as such has several competition wins under her belt. A learner at heart, CraftyNinja is always looking to learn new techniques; work with new fabrics and most of all meet and make new friends."



Siriusly has been cosplaying since 2013, when her love of Harry Potter RP spilled into cosplay. She is a member of Bandursnatch Studios and is often seen at cons crewing with Costume and Play or derping around in character with the other members of Bandursnatch. She specialises in characterisation, budget cosplay, makeup and crossplay, and is always willing to lend a helping hand to a cosplayer in need.



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The Mask Madman

My first dip into cosplay was in July 2014. I cosplayed a Zombie and gained experience with liquid latex and stage blood. I then started to make things, it started off with a mask which I made from Plaster of Paris, I eventually started making props for cosplays, my first build being a flame thrower for a Warhammer 40K cosplay which I cosplayed at Winter Birmingham MCM 2014. I have made many other props since then ranging from Gauntlets, Scythes, Guns, Axes and Swords. I am now looking into Armour as well.

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