With one final Insomnia left in 2016, we wanted to step back and take a look at how we offer tournaments at Insomnia, and if there was a better way to give you more tournaments. With that in mind, here’s what Insomnia59 is going to look like:

Headline tournaments are our flagship BYOC tournaments, featuring a fixed prize pool and a guaranteed stage final. For Insomnia59, we’re starting with two, but this is likely to expand at future events.

All other prize tournaments in our BYOC will now operate on a scaling prize pool, with prize money starting at half of its theoretical maximum and increases being triggered by sign-ups reaching specified levels (as noted on each tournament’s page). This will allow us to support more games, as well as tailoring prize pools to the game's popularity. Time permitting, some of these games will have stage finals, but they won’t be guaranteed, with many finals being played from your BYOC desks.

These aren’t changing, but they are going to get some more structure. The goal is still to provide fun tournament experiences for games that we can’t award cash prizes to. We’ve started by announcing three that we’re expecting to be popular, but there’ll be a lot more of these to come in the next two months.

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