Minecraft Zone

Immersive Minds at Insomnia59

Run by Immersive Minds in association with Multiplay, the education zone has been designed to show families the role that games and play can have in enhancing and supporting curriculum learning and life skills development. 

Offering a vision of the future of education, the zone will feature a Virtual Reality (VR) area that will take users on a simulated rollercoaster ride through the ages, teaching them about history and culture as they journey through different time periods.

In addition to the VR section, the education zone will be fitted with a collection of state of the art gaming PCs, pre-installed with a specially designed Minecraft learning experience. The game will take users through a variety of levels, with each area focusing on different educational and learning activities. This will be supported by regular staged events and education pods, where attendees will discover more about how videogames and play can be used to encourage learning and development.

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