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Lightseekers is coming to Insomnia61

Join us at Insomnia61 this August bank holiday to get a hands on experience with the brand new tactical card game from Lightseekers!
Use powerful spells, creatures and items to defeat your opponent in head to head battles as you take on the role of one of Lightseekers powerful heroes! Each hero is attuned to one of the Lightseekers Orders of Astral, Dread, Nature, Mountain, Storm and Tech. Each Order brings it’s own special playstyles and deadly abilities to unleash upon you foes in 1v1 or larger multiplayer matches!
Use unique new rotation mechanics for your cards to time powerful attacks and buffs or sacrifice cards to unleash a devastating combo card move that can sometimes turn the tide of a match in one move! 
Each of the Lightseekers cards can also be scanned into the free mobile RPG to unlock special rewards or grant in game buffs! 
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