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MEGAPANEL: The Special Effect of Games

MEGAPANEL: The Special Effect of Games

One panel, 24 hours raising money for Special Effect at Insomnia, 9th-10th December
Industry veterans and regular conference speakers Des Gayle, Alex Darby, Tanya Laird, and Oscar Clark had this ridiculous idea to talk for 24 hours to raise money for their favourite charity, Special Effect. 

This has become the Megapanel – a 24 hour Livestream where each hour will cover a different topic with special guests from all around the industry. It will offer an eclectic mix of silly and serious discussions exploring the relationship between the Games Industry and Culture. Topics range from game design to how to get into the industry, the new frontier of VR and the rise of eSports. Check the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MegaPanelGames for a complete schedule soon.

Megapanel will be live-streamed (https://www.twitch.tv/megapanelgames) from Insomnia59 at NEC Birmingham from 16:00 on 9th December non stop til 16:00 on 10th Dec

Special Effect are a UK based charity who help physically disabled people get the benefits from games from the sense of inclusion, autonomy, competence, escape and fun that we all enjoy from playing video games. Using the latest technological advancements this has been helped bring families and friends together which a profoundly positive impact on therapy, confidence and rehabilitation.

Check out www.specialeffect.org.uk for more details and if you want to show your support; donate at https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Megapane 

And, to help our hosts survive the Megapanel we are honoured to be joined by some of the best of the games industry. They include:

  • Mike Hines, Amazon
  • Kadri Ugand. GameFounders
  • Imre Jele, Bossa Studios
  • Kate Edwards, IGDA
  • Paul Kilduff- Taylor, Mode 7
  • Nicoll Hunt, I Fight Bears
  • Stewart Rogers, Venturebeat
  • James Dean and Rob Black, ESL
  • George Osborn, Freelance
  • Henrik Jonsson, EA Ghost
  • Tom Donegan, Special Effect
  • Gav Tan, Special Effect
  • Jupiter Hadley, Indiegamejams
  • Andrew Smith, Spilt Milk
  • Dan Pearce, Four Circle Interactive
  • Paul Roberts, Staffordshire University
  • Dave Ranyard, Dream Reality Interactive
  • Alex Rose, Vorpal Games
  • Andy Payne, The Producers
  • Craig Fletcher, Multiplay
  • Alex Darby, Darbotron
  • Tanya Laird, Digital Jam LTD
  • Des Gayle, Square Enix
  • Daz Black, Youtuber
  • And many more

Oscar Clark, organiser of the event, said “It’s going to be a huge challenge to spend 24 hours talking about the games industry. But with the amazing support we have had from our guests we know this is going to be a funny and insightful event, with new discussions every hour that anyone can drop in to enjoy. And all in the name of http://www.specialeffect.org.uk.

To find out more about the Megapanel, to donate your time, your help or some money check out the links below 

For More Information Please Email info@megapanelgames.com  

Tanya Laird, Founder of Digital Jam and CEO of Disruptive Reality, creator of the VR Writers Room, Trustee for the World Youth Organisation and UN Influx, the winner of a Women in Games Award (Unsung Hero) 2016 and the Vice Chair of BAME in Games. - Yes, its a lot, but she’s a workaholic. @DigitalJamLtd

Alex Darby, owner of micro-studio darbotron ltd, champion CPU tamer & pro game designer. Alex, described by GQ as "so post modern he wraps around into the past", was a founding member of FreeStyleGames where he co-created DJ Hero, and was also a co-founders of the not-for-profit co-working space Arch Creatives @Darbotron

Des Gayle, Founder of micro-studio Altered Gene and freelance producer with a long legacy in the industry including Microsoft, Crytek and Square Enix.@kid_desimo

...Hat-wielding Oscar Clark, Everyplay Evangelist at Unity Technologies, Author of "Games As A Service" and Co-Founder at Rocket Lolly Games building @Rocky_TouchMe based on Richard O'Brien's original Rocky Horror Show. @Athanateus

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