Old School RuneScape Wilderness Wars

New for Insomnia61 is Old School RuneScape's newest tournament: Wilderness Wars!

Wilderness Wars will involve 245 soldiers led by 5 Generals. The Generals will possess incredible power with their combat skills buffed significantly allowing for the destruction of any soldier that gets in their way.

Starting off in a random area of the Wilderness, these five armies will battle it out for victory and a chance at getting their fingers on the $15,000 prize pool! There will be mutated bosses with special loot to give teams gear upgrades which will enhance their damage dramatically.

Playing on the eSports Stage at 4pm on Saturday 26th we have B0aty, MMORPG, Sick Nerd, Torvesta, and Knightenator. The tournament will be hosted by Mod Archie and Mod Sween and shoutcasted by PureSpam and Skiddler! 

Watch the carnage on the eSports stage at 4pm BST Saturday 26th or live on

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