Props Ruleset at Insomnia61

Weapons and props must be approved by security staff before being allowed into the convention. This may include checks which will be carried out by the cosplay team. Decisions made by the venue security and staff are final and these rules serve as a guide only.

The general rule is;

‘If you were hit with the prop, would it break before you do?'

 If your answer is ‘no’ then it means that someone could get hurt were this to happen. In which case, we would recommend you leave it at home just so you are not disappointed.


  1. When outside of the convention hall, please make sure you have a safe way to transport your props and that they are sufficiently covered. Take extra precaution when traveling through high traffic areas such as the airport and railway stations, so as not to cause alarm or issue to others.
  2. Live weapons (deactivated guns, Airsoft, metal knives and swords, live bows or slingshots) are expressly prohibited, whether sheathed or piece bonded.
  3. No pyrotechnics, explosives (including cap-guns) or incendiary items.
  4. No weapons that can fire any sort of projectile, including foam darts or water. Unless it can be shown to be empty, with a visible brightly coloured safety tip and/or that only some parts have been used for the prop.
  5. No sharp points or edges, make sure they’re sanded/rounded/padded/covered or otherwise protected adequately.
  6. Props made out of wood cannot be too heavy, large or unwieldy (I.e blocks corridors/doorways or is likely to hit, hurt or inconvenience others.)
  7. You cannot perform any action which may lead event staff, attendees or members of the general public to believe you are in possession of a real live weapon.
  8. In all cases, the weapon or prop must be no longer than 1.6 m (5'2”).

 Please be aware that that these rules are here to ensure we have a safe event for both staff and attendees. If you have been asked to put your prop away, please do so. In an extreme case you may be escorted from the event.

If there is any doubt, please send photos and a description of the prop to


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