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Retro Zone at Insomnia61

Do you have fond memories of Billy Mitchell’s Donkey Kong high score? Did your thumbs fall off as a child playing Contra? Was NBA your Jam? Or maybe you haven’t got a clue what we’re talking about and would love to know more.

Insomnia61’s Retro Zone is the place to relive your childhood memories (or find out what your dad means by ‘Space Invader Champion’). If you can vaguely remember it, it’s almost guaranteed to be part of our Retro Zone, and all free to play. Past games on display have included F-Zero, Donkey Kong, Taiko: Drum Master, PaRappa the Rapper, Excitebike, Frogger, Bubble Bobble, Double Dragon, Out Run, CastleVania, and much more. So many more, that if we listed them all here we’d double our web hosting bill!

Want to take part of gaming history home with you? We’ve got you covered there, with a fantastic range of retail available. If you’re itching to start a collection, or pick up the gold Ocarina of Time that completes it, be sure to stop by the Insomnia61 Retro Zone and see what’s on offer.

Rediscover the history of gaming in our Exhibition Hall. Tickets start from just £25.

See some of these classics 

The 1992 classic improved on the original in many ways, not least with the addition of Sonic’s ‘helpful’ sidekick, Tails. Race from the Emerald Hill Zone to the Death Egg Zone in this sidescrolling platformer,

Before Rock Band, before Guitar Hero, there was Taiko Drum Master. Play by yourself or challenge a friend in one of the original rhythm games. Drum through hits by Queen, Madonna, and the Jackson Five

Wipeout may be making a comeback, but we still remember where futuristic racers began.  F-Zero, launching with the Super Nintendo was the first game to use the SNES’ 3D capabilities, two years before Super Mario Kart came along! See why everyone was blown away

When you think Activision, what comes to mind? For the older generation it’s Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. If your mum or dad ever looks longingly at a skateboard they keep in the shed, this game is why. Combine aerials, flips, and grinds to set a new high score

The Smackdown series is one of the most-beloved series available on the Playstation, with wrestling fans & gamers alike flocking in droves to compete for the title of Undisputed Champion.

The brand split is back in the WWE, but you can relive the original brand split with a Season mode featuring Ric Flair’s RAW versus Vince McMahon’s Smackdown.

On it’s 8th release, and still going strong, Mario Kart is a game that needs no introduction. We remember dark nights, with four people crowded round a 12inch TV and red shells flying everywhere. A game that can bring new friends together, or ruin relationships forever.  See the game that started it all

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