Return of Drone Racing at Insomnia61

We’re hosting the grand final of the iSeries 2017 Season - the UK’s only indoor drone racing league. With five open drone racing events already complete, the event is now building up to a thrilling climax at Birmingham’s NEC in August.

The immersive drone racing experience at Insomnia61 is back by popular demand and will feature stunning indoor tracks with astonishing light displays and pumping music. Some of the best pilots in the world will be showing off their lightning reflexes as their drones go head-to- head at speeds of over 100mph, battling it out for the prestigious championship title. The iSeries 2017 has been running from March, with four heats hosted by iSeries/UKDS Racing at the world’s first permanent indoor drone racing arena in Nottingham, UK (UK Drone Store).

Contenders for the iSeries championship include reigning World Drone Prix winner Luke Bannister and Matt Evans, who also competes in the US Drone Racing League. They will be joined by Brett Collis who already has an astonishing five iSeries wins under his belt this year, and 9-year- old newcomer Adam Blackburn “FPV Kid”. Adam, who has just won the UK Freestyle championship, is the youngest competitor in the field by almost 10 years.

Oliver O’Brien, director of the UK Drone Show said: “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Insomnia to bring the first iSeries League Championship event to their amazing fans. There is a natural synergy between the worlds of gaming, technology and drones, which makes this festival the perfect platform to showcase some of the fantastic talent that the UK continues to produce in this ever-growing sport.”

Drone racing is an adrenaline-fuelled sport where pilots use video goggles to fly their highly-tuned aircraft from a “first person view” at astounding speeds around tracks with gates and other obstacles. Rapid reflexes are needed to control the four-blade aircraft as four pilots race against each other over several laps. Crashes are frequent and usually mark the end of your race, injecting an “all or nothing” edge into every heat.

The iSeries Drone Racing Grand Final is located in our Exhibition Hall. Tickets start at just £25.

Check out the footage from Insomnia58 

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