LAN Hall Arena

Seat Picker is now live!

BYOC, or “Bring Your Own Computer / Console”, is the classic Insomnia Gaming Festival experience. With a BYOC ticket you can attend the event for the whole weekend, 24 hours a day; you get a seat in the LAN areas to plug your gaming device into, plus access to all other areas of the event. With three events a year, there’s plenty of scope for gamers of all ages and backgrounds to get involved.

At its most simple, a LAN (Local Area Network) is a ‘network’ of computers which are all connected to each other. Back in 1997 when Insomnia first began LAN gaming events were the best way to play multiplayer games. Nowadays thanks to modern internet speeds you can play games online against anyone in the world, but many people still choose to come to events such as ours for the BYOC experience.

The seat picker for Insomnia59 is LIVE! Go here, sign in and pick your weekend gaming throne. It's that simple! What are you waiting for? GO GO GO!

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