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Space N traders at Insomnia61

Space N traders is a cross between an arcade space shooter and trading games giving longevity to an arcade style gameplay.

SNT allows you to add a co-pilot(co-op) player who aids in killing enemy ships with a bonus multiplier to your end round score, The co-pilot is designed for a child to use as they cannot negatively effect your outcome in our mechanic which provides only a positive bond between the 2 gamer's playing alongside with very basic controls that even children with disabilities can control our game with ease.

Core features so far on build v0.10 more might be added by the insomnia event.

  • Blast ships
  • Waves of enemies
  • Trade resources
  • Buy upgrades

Planned features coming soon.

  • New ships
  • Customizable ship skins to unlock
  • Unlock new worlds
  • Defeat bosses

After defeating bosses blocking planets settle your colony and build reward items per turn.

Leaderboards. Can you be the best on the leader board will you team up with a parent and beat other parent and child teams???????

Can you be the best team or solo player???

Score well, Trade well, Attack well, Plan well these are the key skills to doing well in SNT.

Get revenge for the fallen Qridart world, destroy the 4 evil empires away who are hostile controlling the 4 neutral planets, Defend them and co-occupy their world while trading with them to advance your abilities. Can you play well enough to clear the evil empire boss ships out of the solar system and secure planets to call them home for your species?

Come and meet us at i61 and draw a ship design the winner's ship over the event will get made into an in-game ship custom skin design. Ship designs are uploaded onto our facebook page and open for public voting(get it liked the most then it will win) previous winner from i60 Joseph

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