The Insomnia Cosplay Championship

How will the competition work?

Cosplay at insomnia will be coming to the main stage allowing you to present your hard work, perform as your character and enjoy the community experience of costuming together. Costume and Play want to give you the ability to cosplay how you choose to!

 General Props Ruleset

Weapons and props must be approved by venue security staff before it's allowed into the convention. This may include checks which will be carried out by the cosplay team. Decisions made by the venue security and staff are final and these rules serve as a guide only.

The full weapon and props rules can be viewed HERE.

How can I enter?

The Cosplay Championship will be taking place on the main stage at 2:30pm – 3:30pm. You can take part by using the signup form. Please arrive at least half an hour before the competition is due to begin. If you have signed up online, we advise popping by the desk nice and early to check through your requirements. 

Preparation before the masquerade:

  • 'Cosplay Portfolio' is our pre-judging category focused on rewarding well presented construction notes and reference photos.
  • 'Costumes Up Close' is a non compulsory, but highly recommended, time for you to showcase your work and chat with the judges directly on the day. (Saturday 11am onwards at the cosplay desk – details of this will be emailed along with your application.)

How will the competition be judged?

The inclusion of reference images and construction notes on your application will be viewed favorably with additional points awarded towards your overall score.

Craftsmanship 35%

The quality of costume, props and accessories; and how well these elements are made.

Performance 35%

Takes into account the use of general performance conventions and how you interact with the audience. For example, confident movements as well as general stage techniques used throughout the performance.

Character Concept 5%

This category is judged based on execution of your character concept and a clear display of character choice. Be it accuracy to a character, a creative interpretation (e.g Steampunk Harley Quinn or cross play) or a character likeness.

Cosplay Portfolio 25%

This category is judged based on the level of detail you include within your application form, such as a break down of materials, techniques used and reference pictures. Construction photos and notes carry the highest weighting in this category.

PLEASE NOTE: – The judge’s decisions are final once made.


  1. Cash Prizes awarded after the event will be paid directly to you. Please allow 2-8 weeks for processing time after the event has finished for prizes to arrive.
  2. Any size group may enter the Masquerade. However, if eligible for a prize, this will be split evenly between participants.
  3. Costume and Play handmade trophies are only awarded to first place winners. If the winner is a group, there will be one trophy only.

Who can enter and what are the general rules?* 

The Costume Part:

  1. Costumes from any genre of video game, television, film, anime, manga etc. may enter the Masquerade.
  2. A costume qualifies as handmade if it is 80% your own work. We ask that you provide detail on your application form to explain how your costume was made. The application form acts as a framework for you to provide this information. It is highly advisable you include construction photos and reference pictures for your application.
  3. An altered costume will be eligible to receive points in the Craftsmanship category for specific components which are heavily altered or handmade entirely. All costumes will qualify for Character Concept and Performance categories.
  4. Any size group may enter the Masquerade. However, if eligible for a prize, this will be split evenly between participants.
  5. The competition is open for all ages, but if you are under the age of 13 please make sure to get parental consent.
  6. A small selection of places will be open to those who wish to present a performance piece but not be judged. These entrants will not be eligible for a prize.

    The Performance Part:
  7. You may perform to music and/or use a microphone during your performance. If you do not provide music, generic music will be provided for you.
  8. Performances/Skits must be no longer than two minutes in length. Please state the length of your skit time or if you are posing (e.g three point system) on your application form.
  9. We highly advise you to visit the cosplay desk no later than two hours before the event is due to start to check through your requirements. If you do not visit the desk, your requirements for your performance may be refused.
  10. Arrive at the designated area ready NO LATER THAN half an hour before the masquerade is due to start.
  11. We ask you to specify any requirements for your performance on your application form. This includes setting up a ‘cue’ for when you would like your music track to begin.

*All entrants must comply with the Cosplay Masquerade General Ruleset and Props Rules.  

General Cosplay and Masquerade Ruleset

Costumes must be appropriate for a family friendly convention and include enough body coverage to be worn in public.

  • The judge’s decisions are final once made.
  • Large elements, such as wings, exceeding over two metres, must be collapsed when on the convention floor. (Please contact us to check if you are worried about your costume dimensions at
  • All entrants must have a spare copy of their masquerade music track on USB/CD.
  • We reserve the right to decline or stop a skit/performance at any time for any reason.
  • Use or performance of the following will be immediately stopped and you may be disqualified from the competition or convention floor.

Excessive/inappropriate language such as swearing.

Committing an act which is viewed as something which may potentially harm yourself or others.

  • You agree to be filmed and photographed during the event, all rights of this belong to the event organizers and/or Costume and Play.
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